Watch out for festive fat this season

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Give the sewers a treat this Christmas by keeping them clear of festive fat.

That’s the message from Southern Water’s sewer teams, who have used their vocal talents to issue the seasonal plea.

Singing to the tune of the Twelve Days of Christmas, staff gave a rousing performance – which can be seen on YouTube – to remind customers what should not go down the sewers.

As well as the worst offenders – fat, oil and grease – the song highlights other things that can cause sewer blockages, like nappies and wipes.

It also mentions some of the stranger things found in sewers such as cutlery, mobile phones, toys, teeth and jewellery.

Three quarters of all sewer blockages are caused by things that should not go down them.

Fat causes some of the worst problems as it can build-up and cause blockages, potentially leading to the flooding of streets, homes and gardens.

Southern Water’s head of wastewater, Simon Parker, said, “The staff who look after our sewers were only too happy to take part, as they see first-hand the devastation sewer blockages can cause.

“The film is a fun and festive way to deliver this serious message to our customers.

“We always notice an increase in fat in the sewers around this time of year as so many people are at home cooking Christmas dinners and more fat than normal ends up down the sink.”

The film can be seen at