Wat-er waste – anger over five-week leak at house

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A disgusted Polegate resident has blasted Wealden District Council (WDC) after a water leak at a neighbouring property took more than a month to repair.

Shane Heffer said work to stop the leak in Watermill Close took too long and got in touch with Wealden District Councillor Stephen Shing to air his concerns.

WDC said following a request by the tenant of the property it took action after it was vacated, but Cllr Shing said work should have been carried out the day after the resident moved out and not 10 days later.

He got in touch with the council after being alerted to the leak outside the property, which had begun sometime in June and was fixed last week.

Mr Heffer said, “It’s disgusting that a valuable commodity such as water should be allowed to be wasted by Wealden District Council by letting a mains water leak openly for five weeks. What signal does that send out to others?

“I remember the council when it was proactive. Unfortunately it isonly reactive now which is not good enough in a situation like this.”

Cllr Shing added, “I could understand the council’s decision to reduce the inconvenience and intrusion to the current tenant by delaying the works unilt the tenant moves out.

“However, it is extremely disappointing that Wealden District Council did not efficiently arrange for the repairs to start on the day after the tenant moved out but instead scheduled them to start exactly 10 days after the tenant moved out.

“This is not good for our environment and is also wasting council resources.

“As a council I cannot believe this leak was allowed to carry on for this long.”

Amanda Hodge, Wealden’s head of Housing and Property Services, said, “We were made aware of they water leak in the grounds of 15 Watermill Close by a neighbour.

“However at the request of the tenant of the property, we did take action to locate the source until the property had been vacated which was two weeks later.

“Had the leak been substantial we would have acted sooner.”

To report a water leak on council land in the Wealden area you can contact the council on: 443322.

To find out more visit: www.wealden.gov.uk