Wartling: Community art project unveiled

Deputy mayor cuts the tape
Deputy mayor cuts the tape

A NEW artwork by Sussex sculptor Will Nash has been unveiled at Wartling Road Community Centre.

Nash has created a 12m by 5m stainless steel portrait of the people who work in and live around the centre. Each figure is the outline of an individual member of the community, depicted at life size.

The commission was funded by contributions from the developers of the adjacent site, the former coach and lorry park, and co-ordinated by the Towner.

The artwork depicts the outlines of 50 figures collected on the day the community centre opened in July 2010.

Many of the figures appear to be elevated in the air – these were taken from people who were willing to bounce upon a trampoline – and at the centre of the work is Carolyn Heaps, the mayor of Eastbourne.

The work is made of laser cut brushed stainless steel panels. As light moves over its surface, the appearance of the work varies due to reflection from the shiny steel and the shadows cast by the lines onto the wall.

Deputy mayor Mike Thompson cut the ribbon and officially unveiled the art to the public.