Warship pays visit to town

HMS Puncher SUS-180220-130010001
HMS Puncher SUS-180220-130010001

Three Conservative Eastbourne Borough Councillors took a tour of the Royal Navy’s HMS Puncher at the weekend when the warship came to its adopted town for a visit.

Gordon Jenkins, Penny Di Cara and Paul Metcalfe were among 1,400 people visiting the Archer-class patrol vessel at Sovereign Harbour where it was open to the public. They enjoyed a conducted tour of the Portsmouth-based ship with the crew.

“HMS Puncher has close links with our town and it was a pleasure to go on board and see the ship and meet the crew,” said Gordon.

“As a coastal town, Eastbourne is a great supporter of the Royal Navy and I know many people were very pleased Puncher came to visit and they had a chance to find out more about the important job she and her crew do.”

Penny said: “Visits like this are very important as they foster a relationship between towns like ours and the Navy.”

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