THE skeleton of a huge covered walkway was hoisted into place over Priory Road on Monday.

The modern enclosed bridge, which cost around 800,000, replaces a dilapidated open air one linking the two Bishop Bell School sites.

Two 80ft cranes lifted three sections of the 26-ton iron bridge into place on their 3.5 ton legs at either side of the road.

'It will improve the look of Priory Road no end,' said Bishop Bell headteacher Terry Boatwright.

'And from the children's point of view, they will never have to go outside.

'Previously they would get wet in the rain and it was always top of the complaints list when they did to feedback questionnaires.

'Strangely, it has become one of the biggest issues I've had since arriving at the school.

'The fact that the replacement is finally there is very exciting.'

The previous bridge was a former railway footbridge, installed when Priory Road became too dangerous for pupils to cross regularly.

The new one, which will be glass on one side, will not be operational until mid-October.