Walking in the air

Breitling Wingwalkers
Breitling Wingwalkers

THE BREITLING Wingwalkers will take to the skies over Eastbourne from August 9-12 to perform a breathtaking sequence of formation loops and rolls, while daring wingwalkers perform acrobatics on the wings.

The world’s only formation wingwalking display team is renowned for dazzling spectators at events throughout the UK and Europe.

Official supplier to the aviation world, Breitling is the leading manufacturer of high quality luxury sports watches.

Painted in their striking orange Breitling livery, the beautiful 1940s Stearman biplanes will roar through the skies at speeds of up to 140mph above the beaches of Eastbourne.

Each will have a wingwalker climbing around the aircraft and performing handstands while waving to the crowd below.

For the impressive ‘Cockpit Lady’ pass, the daring wingwalkers leave the safety of their static harness and climb down to the cockpit during flight.

While standing in front of the pilot’s windscreen they perform a balletic pose as they soar above Airbourne at 100 mph.