Walkers and dogs rescued from tide

Eastbourne's Inshore Lifeboat
Eastbourne's Inshore Lifeboat
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TWO walkers who became cut off by the tide with an exhausted and injured dog had to be rescued by the Eastbourne RNLI.

The Inshore Lifeboat went to the rescue of the people and their three dogs when they became trapped by the tide below the cliffs at Beachy Head.

One of the dogs became exhausted and was unable to escape from the beach.

They had set out with the intention of completing their walk before high tide but the plan went wrong when one of the dogs cut its paw.

The dog’s injury delayed them and caused them to become trapped by the incoming tide.

In no immediate danger, they planned to wait until the water receded, but the injured dog began showing signs of distress so urgent action was taken.

The people were unable to use mobile phones under the cliffs but managed to attract the attention of a passing boat whose skipper contacted Dover Coastguard.

The coastguard team then requested the launch of the Eastbourne Lifeboat crews.

Senior helmsman Dave Needham put his colleague Andy Chatton found the dog was showing signs of dehydration and exhaustion, and with two hours to wait for the tide to recede, it was decided to take the whole group to the safety of the steps at Birling Gap.

Andy then had to carry the large labrador up the steps and off the beach.

Amid much tail wagging by the dogs, the rescued group set off to visit a local vet and the lifeboat crew returned to the station.