Volunteers needed to go to gigs

Gig Buddies at Glastonbury SUS-170221-210542001
Gig Buddies at Glastonbury SUS-170221-210542001

Gig Buddies is calling for volunteers to take people with learning disabilities to gigs.

The project links adults who have a learning disability to a volunteer who has similar interests in music, or other events, to go out together. The project coordinators are currently looking for people who would like to join Gig Buddies in the Eastbourne area.

Gig Buddies aims to ensure that people with learning disabilities don’t miss out on evening social activities, such as gigs, clubbing or theatre. The project helps to combat social isolation faced by many people with learning disabilities, by enabling people with a learning disability to make friends with other members of their community who have a similar interest to them.

One Gig Buddy volunteer Sam said, “I have met amazing people, made some great friends and shared some brilliant experiences.”

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