Volunteer wins life-saving award


A coastguard volunteer who thwarted a woman’s suicide bid to slash her wrists at Beachy Head is to receive a national lifesaving award.

Keith Rayment, 37, a Volunteer Coastguard Rescue Officer of Wellesbourne Road, Stone Cross was praised as being “the right man in the right place at the right time.”

The praise came from Dick Wilkinson, secretary of the Royal Humane Society as he announced that Mr Rayment has been awarded one of the Society’s Testimonials on Parchment after his fight to save he woman from herself on March 14.

As he announced the award at the Society’s London headquarters Mr Wilkinson said that Mr Rayment had gone to Beachy Head to carry out maintenance on the rescue equipment housed at Beachy Head Station.

However, on arrival, made a quick tour of the car parks in the vicinity.

Mr Wilkinson contin ued continued, “Members do this on a regular basis, looking for cars parked in an unusual manner which may, from experience, indicate someone may be intending to take their own life. He saw a woman sitting in a car and his suspicions were aroused.

“He went to investigate and saw the woman was in the process of cutting her wrists with a razor blade. He opened the car door and attempted to stop her. He eventually managed to wrestle the blade away from her.

“But, as he attempted to administer first aid, she produced another blade and continued to try and harm herself. Hr called for back up and was quickly joined by Beachy Head Chaplains who helped gave further first aid to the woman.

“She had lost a considerable amount of blood by the time the emergency services arrived and she was taken to hospital. However, if Mr Rayment had not been there and spotted her she would surely have succeeded in ending her life. He was to put it simply, the right person in the right place at the right time. He risked his own safety in a struggle with a woman wielding multiple razor blades, and richly deserves this award.”