Villagers closer to getting faster internet speeds

Pevensey and Westham MP Greg Barker says the villages are on track to get superfast broadband.

Mr Barker says superfast broadband is vital and will allow businesses to thrive and create jobs.

Mr Barker says there has been a delay of several months in Europe, but that Government pressure has resulted in the EU approving the UK’s £530 million investment in rural broadband.

He said, “Superfast broadband will help deliver jobs and boost growth now the EU has given the roll out of high speed broadband across rural areas the green light.

“This means East Sussex County Council can now focus on delivering its new broadband infrastructure project, with £10.64 million being made available by the Government – a project that will have huge benefit over the coming years for both communities and businesses.”

The MP, whose constituency also includes the villages of Stone Cross Hankham, described the decision as ‘great news’ for his constituency.

He added, “Britain is in a global race and we cannot allow rural areas like Stone Cross, Pevensey and Westham to get left behind because of bad infrastructure.

“The constituency will now get the infrastructure to match its aspiration, providing local people and local businesses with the tools they need to get on and prosper.

“It also demonstrates how much Conservatives in the Government want to support the rural economy.

“We are working hard to make sure rural areas are not left behind as the Coalition strains every sinew to help create growth, jobs and future prosperity”.

Superfast broadband means download access speeds greater than 24 Mbps.