Videos to help buy tickets at machines

Eastbourne ticket office SUS-150420-111328001
Eastbourne ticket office SUS-150420-111328001

Rail firm Southern has launched a series of six online videos using simple steps as a guide to using its ticket machines.

The company says using Southern’s self-service ticket machines is quick and easy and all customers need to do is to follow on screen messages to guide them through their purchase options.

Southern’s Jo Smith said, “However, sometimes even this can be daunting to those not used to using the machines so I had the idea that a series of online videos would help people become familiar with them before they used them – in the comfort of their own home.”

Jo features in the videos, taking viewers through six different functions step by step and the firm says they are perfect for someone who needs extra help before travelling. The videos show steps to follow for using machines in different scenarios and include help on buying a ticket and using a rail card.

Videos can be watched at