VIDEO: WARNING – Very strong language in video as motorist launches tirade of abuse at cyclist

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A video recorded by an Eastbourne man of a one side exchange with an angry motorist has become a massive hit on Youtube.

By Wednesday lunchtime, more than 10,000 people had watched the video by Eastbourne Cycling festival organiser Eddie Bell.

Angry cyclist video: contains VERY strong language SUS-141203-141611001

Angry cyclist video: contains VERY strong language SUS-141203-141611001

Sussex Police said today that officers had identified the driver and will be investigating it as an incident of public place violent crime.

Mr Bell had an altercation with the motorist while out cycling near Pevensey Bay at the weekend.

He recorded the incident through a camera on his safety hat.

The motorist waited by the side of the road for Bell and then threatened and comprehensively abused him verbally before walking off.

Mr Bell said, “This guy pulled into the green cyclist box on the approach to Pevensey Bay indicating that he was turning left so I gestured as if to say ‘what are you doing this is a cyclist/motorcycle box to protect us from what you’re about to do’.

“He wound down the window and spat some abuse and then sped off turning left towards Beachlands.

“I gave him a cheeky wave and cycled on towards Eastbourne forgetting about the matter. He later passed me very close and drove down to Martello Road where he waited for me.”

In the video the angry motorist is seen to apparently take a swipe at Mr Bell before launching a tirade of abuse, swearing and shouting obscenities.

Mr Bell took down the driver’s car registration number and the incident has been passed to the police.

A spokesperson at Sussex Police confirmed officers were investigating.

The video contains VERY strong language and is not suitable for anyone who is easily offended by bad language.