VIDEO: Trumpeter's rousing call for Eastbourne protest against music service cuts

A professional trumpeter is set to perform a musical protest on the seafront against cuts to East Sussex’s music service.

Alan Thomas, who plays principal trumpet in BBC’s Symphony Orchestra, is travelling down from the midlands to make his opposition loud and clear at the Bandstand on Saturday (April 28).

Alan Thomas will be blasting out the Sussex Anthem to support the county's music service

Alan Thomas will be blasting out the Sussex Anthem to support the county's music service

He said, “I’m a product of the East Sussex Music Service. I’m totally appalled at the thought the music service could be cut by East Sussex County Council.

“Therefore, to launch my protest and support the music service, I will be travelling down from my home in the midlands to play Sussex By The Sea on the seafront in Eastbourne.

“If anyone would like to join me you will be more than welcome. You can come in fancy dress, play any instrument you want, sing if you like to our great anthem.

“Let’s show the music service how many people think that music is so important to them.”

Alan, who is used to performing at the Royal Albert Hall, will be blasting out the Sussex anthem from 4pm at the Bandstand.

He played for the wind and youth orchestras in East Sussex between 1990 and 1996 and studied at the music academy in Lewes.

He told the Herald, "I thought: something's got to be done, we need to get people out and about rather than just angry on social media."

When asked if he thought he would be where he is today without the service he said, "No, I don't think any musicians stand a chance without that help.

"At the end of the day it's not just about being professional. It's about children getting a chance to learn an instrument. If they are disadvantaged they just won't get that chance.

"It's the skill set and release that children get from playing music, the team work and skills you get are incredible.

"But it seems to be shoved aside all the time in the expense of English and Maths. Having affordable music lessons in schools is essential."

This comes after the county council announced last week it is looking at closing the service, which delivers music lessons to around 7,000 children in schools across the county, by 2019.

A petition against the proposal has surpassed 6,000 signatures and is available on the East Sussex County Council website.

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