VIDEO: Protesting partygoers refuse to leave final night at Eastbourne nightclub

Partygoers sat on the floor and refused to leave in a passionate protest at the closing night of an Eastbourne nightclub.

Once the final song had ended at Atlantis last night (Wednesday) the lights came on, but no one left.

Photo by Shaun Carter

Photo by Shaun Carter

Instead everyone in the club protested the nightclub’s closure by sitting together on the dancefloor and singing ‘we shall not be moved’.

Shaun Carter, who was there, said, “The entire club protested and sat together on the dance floor chanting ‘we shall not be moved’.

“The DJ tried to tell everyone to stop and leave but nobody listened. Then after time the security all powered together to use force and get everyone out.”

It was announced this week that the popular nightclub on the pier is to close. Wednesday was the last ever student night.

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Videos by Shaun Carter.