VIDEO: ‘Poor’ overtaking by van driver captured by Eastbourne cyclist

The van overtaking in Eastbourne Road
The van overtaking in Eastbourne Road

An Eastbourne cyclist has shared footage of a van appearing to overtake on the wrong side of a traffic island.

The incident, which Toby Field filmed from his bike, took place on Eastbourne Road in Pevensey at around 7.20am on Monday morning (October 30).

The 31-year-old described the AA van driver as being ‘impatient’.

A spokesperson for the AA said, “This driving does not come up to the standards we expect from our employees.

“Our patrols are conscious of not passing cyclists too closely. Indeed a former patrol of the year came up with the idea for our successful Think Bikes sticker campaign.

“As our own website says, when overtaking cyclists drivers should “give as much room as practically possible”.

“It seems this is what the patrol may have intended to do. But it appears that the patrol should have waited until after the traffic island to safely overtake.

“We are investigating this as a matter of urgency and action will be taken directly with the patrol in question.

“We thank Mr Field for his footage.”