VIDEO: PCC Katy Bourne speaks on Sussex Police cuts

Katy Bourne, PCC for Sussex Police
Katy Bourne, PCC for Sussex Police

Sussex Police announced this week it would cut 1,000 jobs in the next five years in order to save more than £50m by 2020.

Chief constable Giles York unveiled the plan for the future of the force on Tuesday, and Police and Crime Commissioner Katy Bourne said Mr York had her ‘complete support’.

“I have been very impressed by the business-like approach Sussex Police has taken to this design process, which has involved several hundred officers and thousands of hours’ work,” she said. “I have provided constructive challenge throughout this process, representing the public’s interests and their likely concerns.

“There will be changes that I know some residents may not feel comfortable with straight away. That is why I will be watching closely - and continuing to engage directly with members of the public - to ensure these changes are clearly communicated and understood.”

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