‘Victorian’ features in Eastbourne town centre to be removed

Terminus Road, Eastbourne (Pic by Jon Rigby) SUS-151009-085231008
Terminus Road, Eastbourne (Pic by Jon Rigby) SUS-151009-085231008

Heritage campaigners have lost a battle to save the distinctive walled planting at the Bankers Corner entrance to the Terminus Road precinct.

The planters were built 20 years ago and their cast iron railings and other details were designed to echo the Victorian character of the area.

However, their removal was among changes listed in the joint borough council and county council town centre improvement scheme.

The Eastbourne Society, which campaigns to protect the town’s built heritage, urged that the feature should be retained, or at least moved to the Bolton Road entrance of the precinct, but relocation was ruled out as too expensive.

Now the society has been told by the borough council’s planning department that demolition of the planters will go ahead.

The Chamber of Commerce supported the removal to create additional space at Bankers Corner for seasonal events and to allow the area to be improved as part of the Terminus Road/Cornfield Road pedestrianisation.

In a statement, the Eastbourne Society said it “strongly regretted” the decision.

“It was the society’s architectural advisor, Richard Crook, a respected authority on Eastbourne’s Victorian architecture, who designed the planters 20 years ago, and their detail faithfully reflects local Victorian features,” said a society spokesperson.

“The intention then was to create a precinct with a Victorian feel, hence the Victorian lamps especially cast from Eastbourne originals. This part of Terminus Road has some historic Victorian and Edwardian buildings, notably that occupied by Superdrug with its distinctive rose window.

“We understand the Chamber of Commerce’s desire to increase space for public attractions but believe this could be accommodated at the junction with Bolton Road, which is also scheduled for pedestrianisation in due course.”