Vandals target newly built church entrance

photo 2 SUS-140109-113547001
photo 2 SUS-140109-113547001

A new entrance to a Seaford church – built especially for disabled people – has been deliberately wrecked by heartless vandals.

Worshippers at Seaford Baptist Church arrived for a service on Sunday, August 6 to find their newly-built disabled entrance had been vandalised, causing over £1,000 worth of damage.

The post that held the push button disabled control had been ripped up and moved to the car park at the front of the building sometime during the night.

Lead Pastor Rev Vicky Martin, said, “It’s devastating to see this damage. We were just at the end of a six year fundraising and rebuilding project to make our premises more accessible for the disabled, and now this has happened. We don’t receive any public money, or money from a central pot, so every single penny is raised by our community and so it is like a personal blow for each and every one of us.”

“The premises at Seaford Baptist Church are used widely by all the people in Seaford and this is a blow to all of us in the town. Although the door can still be opened, this damage means that the door can only be operated from the inside of the building and therefore, until funds can be raised and the damage fixed, it reduces the independence of our less able visitors and our use of the building.”

Rev Vicky Martin would like anyone who has any information about the damage being done to contact the police as soon as possible.

As well as services, Seaford Baptist Church runs a series of groups aimed at everyone in the community.

Heartsease is for people who are alone, usually through bereavement. Although based at the church, anyone in the Seaford area may join. They have contact with more than 70 people, and between 40 and 50 attend each meeting.

Care groups develop the trust that enables the church to grow whether it is in the area of Bible study, prayer, or just plain socialising over a good meal.

About 40 men and women meet on Tuesday afternoons for The Oasis Fellowship.

And Chinwags lunch club is where senior ladies and gentlemen meet over a tasty lunch provided by teams of volunteers on alternate Tuesdays.