Upset over new sports pavilion at college

A controversial plan to build a sports pavillion, a dugout shelter and four new sports courts on the Summerdown Sports Field in Compton Drive has been given the go-ahead.

Despite objections by residents living nearby, members of Eastbourne Borough Council gave permission to Eastbourne College for the development on the playing field on the south side of Compton Drive, between houses in Paradise Close and Fairway Close.

The development will see four hard courts, enclosed by a green mesh fence, built in the middle of the field together with a timber pavilion and a blue viewing dugout to provide shelter to people watching matches on the existing Astroturf pitch.

The college argued it previously used courts and field at the Dental Practice Board site, but that facility was lost as a result of the opening of the Gildredge House school.

A college spokesperson said, “To compensate for the loss of the courts, it is proposed to provide replacements at Summerdown sports field. The pavilion will be used to provide shelter, bag storage and toilet facilities for pupils and any visiting teams; it will also provide space for

spectators/parents to gather.

Residents living nearby objected saying the development would lead to an increase in traffic and there was no need to over develop and commercialise the site.

One said, “The college promised to be a good neighbour when the first pitch was first developed but residents have been seriously disappointed. The usage of the site has increased significantly, and the lack of consideration shown by users has been deplorable at times.

“The inconsiderate parking of cars and coaches is a real problem for residents, blocking drives, parking both sides of the road and parking on pavements.

“The size of the pavilion is out of all proportion to any building in the vicinity and is too large.”