Upset at shenanigans of drunks on the seafront

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The problems with street drinkers on Eastbourne seafront has been defended by the council which says it is doing all it can to solve the issue.

Herald reader Lionel Fraser sent in this photograph of a drunk crashed out on the pavement on the promenade last week.

Mr Fraser said, “He was laying half on the prom and half in the flower bed passed out with cans around him and holiday makers walking by and looking on in disgust. Another day I went down under the pier to the lower prom and encountered 20 drunks all out of their heads, shouting and falling over, one throwing up on the prom, gathering at the kiosk opposite the Queens Hotel for more than four hours. The girls in the kiosk were scared and called for assistance and the police didn’t turn up. Our seafront is Eastbourne’s main tourist attraction and is being spoilt by the few that have no regard for others. I care about Eastbourne and it’s tourism, and more must be done to move these people away from the tourists.”

A spokesperson at Eastbourne Borough Council said, “Neighbourhood First teams regularly patrol the seafront and works alongside the police to ensure the seafront remains an attractive and safe place for tourists and residents to visit every year. In addition to patrols we meet monthly to identify and try to problem solve issues relating to individual members of the street community. Police have powers to remove alcohol and disperse the drinkers.”