Upset as woman faces eviction from bungalow

Anna McNaughton SUS-150114-122735001
Anna McNaughton SUS-150114-122735001

The family of a severely disabled woman who faces eviction when a care home closes at the end of the month are appealing for help.

Anna McNaughton is one of a number of residents trying to find alternative accommodation before January 31 when the Chaseley Bungalows close.

Nursing chiefs say the facility, off Astaire Avenue, has been running at a loss and needs to be sold off.

Anna’s family say the action is “the heartless reality of a care home that doesn’t care”.

“Disabled and now facing losing their homes is the bleak outlook for the residents,” said Anna’s mother, Sue McNaughton.

“Residents had been given just 14 weeks to find alternative accommodation before the withdrawal of nursing care on January 31. Despite the best efforts of the residents to try to negotiate to save the bungalows or at least extend the timeline until the withdrawal of nursing care, it has fallen on deaf ears.

“With just two weeks to go until closure, the trust will evict the disabled residents leaving them little or no choice as to where they can now live, forcing them into emergency accommodation, wherever a bed is available and not accommodation that is best suited to their needs. We are looking for any local businesses or philanthropists who may be interested in coming together in supporting this much needed service.

“What we are hoping for is another organisation to take over the running of the bungalows and with the encouragement and support of the residents to turn the Bungalows into a place of excellence that empowers independence.”

A spokesperson for Chaseley Trust said, “The difficult decision to close was taken as the bungalows had not been financially sustainable for some time and the trust was not in a position to be able to continue providing nursing home services at this facility. The trust, together with ESCC and other funders, put in place a detailed programme of support to each person to find an alternative service or other living arrangement as per funding provision each resident has in place. The option of transferring to the main Chaseley Home, where that is appropriate, has been made available to each resident, as well as exploring other possible options with funders.

“Each resident has different support and living needs and the trust is committed to providing care services to residents within the existing facility until a permanent or interim solution to their requirements is found.”