UPDATE: Girl describes terrifying moment she spotted big cat ‘the size of a lion’ in Herstmonceux

Chilsham Lane, image from Google Maps
Chilsham Lane, image from Google Maps

A girl has described the terrifying moment she saw a big cat on the loose in Herstmonceux yesterday (Tuesday).

Officers were called after a girl was said to have come within a few feet of the animal ‘the size of a lion’ in Chilsham Lane at around 6pm.

The girl, named Emily, said she was just taking her dog Ziggy out for a quick walk when he started pulling on the lead.

The 12-year-old said, “He pulled me backwards and hid between my legs. I saw a black shadow.

“At first I thought it was my cat and I was whistling at him. Then I saw it.

“It looked like a big black girl lion. It was really big. It looked at me then I got Ziggy and just ran.”

Emily said she sprinted back home and knocked on the door really hard to be let inside.

She said, “I’m really really scared, I didn’t want to get eaten.”

Emily’s mother called the police and raised the alarm with neighbours.

A spokesperson for Sussex Police confirmed officers were called but said the informant was advised to contact the RSPCA.

They added that no other reports have been received at this time.

This newspaper contacted the RSPCA but a spokesperson said the charity had not received any calls regarding this incident on its national line.