Unique notelets of pier painting sold for hospice

Artist Jenny Elkins and one of her notelets
Artist Jenny Elkins and one of her notelets
  • Jenny has had almost 300 orders already
  • Watercolour painted after disastrous blaze
  • Artist’s daughter died at St Wilfrid’s

An Eastbourne woman is raising money for St Wilfrid’s Hospice by selling hundreds of notelets adorned with an image she painted of the pier.

Jenny Elkins created the striking image in watercolour after the blaze that ripped through the iconic structure in July of last year. The picture shows the metal frame of the burnt-out arcade against a dusk backdrop.

Once the final touches had been made, Mrs Elkins decided to print the image on the front of some notelets that she would sell for just £1 each in a bid to raise valuable funds for the local hospice. Already, she has sold nearly 300 notelets to friends and neighbours.

She said, “I wanted to paint a picture of the pier because I thought it was very iconic of the year we’ve just had. I’ve been painting for about eight years now - it’s very therapeutic and there’s a great sense of satisfaction once a piece of work is finished. This particular watercolour took me about a week to complete because I was only working on it in the evenings.

“I wanted to do something to raise money for St Wilfrid’s Hospice so I decided to turn the image into little notelets to sell. The cost of printing is coming out of my own pocket so that I can donate all of the money from my sales to the hospice.

“I’ve sold 275 notelets already to friends and acquaintances. I’ve sold a lot to my neighbours through door-knocking and simply word of mouth. I never expected to sell this many so quickly.

“I’m selling them for £1 each and they come in little wallets, so they look quite professional. You can send them to people for any occasion and it’s quite nice because it will keep Eastbourne and the forefront of people’s minds and keep them thinking of our wonderful pier.”

Raising money for the hospice is extremely important to Mrs Elkins for a reason very close to her heart.

She said, “It’s been ten years since my daughter died in a hospice. She left behind four children, aged nine, eight, five and 18 months. Her husband has done a fantastic job bringing them up since she died but it has been very difficult.

“A few years ago, I took part in a fundraising campaign where I opened my garden to visitors. I raised around £600, which I was really pleased with, and I split it between the hospice here and the one in North London that looked after my daughter. Any money I raise now, I know will be going to a truly worthy cause.”

To order some notelets, visit the St Wilfrid’s Hospice shop on Langney Road or the hospice itself on Broadwater Way.