Ugandan scholarship pupil returns

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Former Bede’s scholarship student Doreen Namugumya, from Uganda, returned to East Sussex as part of Quicken Trust’s series of meetings on Transforming a Community.

Doreen came to the UK in 2006 on a scholarship from Kabubbu in Uganda where she was a student at Trust High School built by Hailsham based Quicken Trust to study for her GCSE at Bede’s School near Hailsham.

Returning to Kabubbu in 2008 to complete her A Level she went on to study Hotel Management and Catering. She completes her course in May 2013.

An orphan living with her destitute uncle who couldn’t afford school fees for her to go to school Doreen was destined to be semi-literate and a peasant farmer.

Then she received sponsorship through Quicken Trust to attend the primary school they built in Kabubbu in 2001. Her life changed. Quicken Trust has been working in the rural village of Kabubbu for 12 years and Doreen has been part of the transformation of her community during that time.

Doreen now represents the future for Kabubbu. A future transformed through education. She is just one of hundreds of impoverished children from that rural village who are transforming the community with 59 currently in university or Vocational training.

Doreen will be joined at the series of meetings by Resty Nankinga. Resty is 40, mother of three daughters and had a limited education. Ten years ago she started at the Quicken Trust built Kabubbu Community Library to study a functional adult literacy course. She has been transformed from a ‘rural village wife’ and is now the manager the whole of the Quicken Trust welfare programme for the village.

Meet Doreen and Resty at the U3A meeting on November 27 at 2.30pm at the Civic Community Hall in Hailsham and for coffee and pastries on November 28 at 9.30am at the Quicken Trust office in West End, Herstmonceux. For information phone Quicken Trust on 832361.