Two dogs go over cliffs

Rescue at Beachy Head
Rescue at Beachy Head

Eastbourne dog-owners are yet again being warned about the perils of letting pets off their leads as two more canines have been presumed dead following incidents at Beachy Head on Sunday.

Coastguards were called to search for two dogs that were reported to have fallen from the cliff top as people enjoyed leisurely walks in the autumn afternoon sunshine.

However, as of Monday morning, neither dog had been found.

A watch officer at Solent Coastguard said, “They are both still missing. At this stage, considering the time and place where they went off, they are presumed dead.”

The pets, one of which is a Labrador, fell in two separate incidents at Beachy Head and Birling Gap.

These two cases follow in a long line of poor pups who have run over the edge, often chasing seagulls, rabbits and butterflies and oblivious to the dangers below.

Just a month ago, a dog died after falling from the cliffs in Seaford.

Back in late May, there were two fatalities reported in the space of a week after owners let pets off their leads. The list goes on.

Coastguards are reiterating warnings about dogs on the cliffs and urging owners to think twice before letting their pets roam free, not only for the safety of their animals but also for that of the cliff rescue teams, especially with darkness closing in earlier in the afternoons.

The watch officer added, “We would encourage walkers to always keep their dogs on leads while on cliffs.”