Tributes for caring campaigner who ‘worked for what she believed in’

TRIBUTES have been paid to a ‘tireless campaigner’ from Seaford who passed away last month.

Valerie Pogson, known to some as Valerie Moffett, died on May 13.

The mother and grandmother, who lived with her husband Keith in Wilkinson Way, has been described as a ‘gentle, caring woman’ who would be greatly missed.

She was heavily involved in Seaford Waste Forum (SWF) whose main aim was to reduce, reuse and recycle waste.

Another SWF member was former Seaford town councillor Eddie Collict.

His wife Rosemary, who attended the funeral service on May 29 at Seaford Baptist Church to represent the pair while Eddie was away, said, “We’re really sad to hear of her passing.

“She didn’t just talk about doing things, she got involved and did them.”

While part of SWF Valerie joined fellow members to argue that the controversial Newhaven incinerator was crude outdated technology for dealing with waste in the 21st century, a blott on Newhaven and the surrounding area and a threat to the health of Newhaven residents, and those downwind of it.

Valerie believed that burnt waste emitted from it’s chimney does not harmlessly dissipate in the air.

She said, “Nothing goes nowhere, everything goes somewhere, in this case many thousands of tonnes of it each year.

“The gases emitted add to global warming and the particles which fall back to earth, contaminate the air people breathe and pollute the earth over a very large area.

“Not only that, but incineration does not even encourage higher levels of recycling and composting.”

The SWF put forward alternative options to deal with the waste which they said were viable, better for the environment and safer.

The artist, writer and musician was also a tenacious campaigner for animals and was involved in different community groups and schemes.

The 68-year-old had spent time volunteering with the Seaford Speedwatch group, which worked for the safety of Seaford residents, monitoring the speed of traffic travelling along its roads.

County Councillor Carolyn Lambert added, “The thing with Valerie is she was a tireless campaigner and you need people like that. She worked actively for the things she believed in. She was an active campaigner and if there was an issue of concern she would respond which is great.”

On Tuesday May 29 a funeral service was held for Valerie at Seaford Baptist Church, followed by burial in Seaford Cemetery, culminating with a celebration of her life at Hillcrest Community Centre in Newhaven.