Tribute to former choir leader Pam

Pam Cruickshank
Pam Cruickshank

TRIBUTES have been paid to an inspirational former leader of a local choir.

Pam Cruickshank, 78, from Mill Close, Wannock, the musical director of Wannock Singers for 10 years, passed away on October 16.

Jan Guthrie, a friend and concert-goer said, “Pam retained a loyal following of singers and musicians over the years and was also able to attract new members.

“She always made everyone feel special and those in the choir who expressed a desire to sing a solo or duet or recite a poem were allowed to do so.”

Her first concert was in Wannock Hall in December 1997, where the weekly rehearsals were also held.

Pam’s last concert was in December 2006 at which she announced her intention to retire when another musical director could be found.

The choir was in good shape and she had reached her target of raising £10,000 for charity – mainly for the Downland Farm Project at the Chalk Farm Centre and for the JPK Project.

Jan continued, “Pam and John had been married for 21 years and John had always been there to give support and encouragement.

“Sadly, Pam became a victim of Alzheimer’s disease and in September 2009, when it was no longer possible to care for her at home, she was admitted to a residential care home.

“But those who remember Pam will think of her as she was before her illness – making music and spreading happiness.”