Tribute to abuse victims’ courage in speaking out

Barnado’s children would be routinely beaten for trying to expose Canon Rideout as a paedophile in the 60s – but this week, the children’s charity paid tribute to them for their courage in coming forward.

During Gordon Rideout’s trial, the court heard victims were frightened to tell of the abuse they were suffering they knew they would be punished.

One girl said she had suffered broken ribs after telling carers she had been sexually abused by Rideout.

Sam Monaghan, director of children’s services at Barnado’s, spoke after sentencing and said, “We are extremely saddened by this case and our deepest sympathies go out to those who have suffered; it has taken great courage for them to step forward and relive their experiences. We are glad that justice has been served and believe it is critical that abusers are held to account for their crimes, regardless of when they took place.We take all allegations of historical abuse extremely seriously and we will always co-operate fully.”