TREVOR WEEKS: We need your help to look out for missing fox cubs

We took a call late morning on Sunday reporting an injured pigeon under Eastbourne Pier.

Saturday, 28th April 2018, 8:00 am
Updated Friday, 8th June 2018, 12:34 am
Cubs in a den in Heathfield SUS-180425-091049001

Whilst WRAS rescuers were on their way the caller rang again to inform us that a person that works on the promenade had picked the pigeon up and wrung its neck, and apparently then thrown it onto the beach.

To say the least, we were shocked that this was being reported, and rescuers continued to the scene to collect the body as evidence in case a criminal offence had been committed.

Rescuer Chloe from Eastbourne arrived at the pier shortly after 12.30pm and quickly found the body of the pigeon. But as she made way over to the pigeon she soon realised it was in fact still alive and had been left to slowly and painfully die on the beach.

The bird was rushed up to WRAS’s hospital where our vet, Sophie, was on hand to give emergency medication. It had quite a lot of trauma to its head and neck and was placed into our ICU unit for one on one care and close monitoring.

Sussex Police have been informed of the incident and anyone who witnessed the incident please contact Sussex Police on 101 with Ref: SXP-20180422-0839 as we believe an offence has occurred.

We would never advise anyone to wring a birds neck, especially when there are emergency veterinary centre so widely available or rescue organisations which can be called on.

Sunday also saw rescuers called to a rather unusual rescue after receiving reports of a hedgehog in need of rescue from a crocodile!

We are quite lucky in the UK that our wildlife is quite tame in comparison to other countries, so we were a bit worried when we were told the hedgehog was on the back of a crocodile, but relieved when we were told the crocodile was not real.

Members of the public visiting Treasure Island park on Eastbourne seafront spotted the hedgehog on the decorative crocodile surrounded by water.

The hedgehog had clearly got a bit lost found himself in the water and climbed out onto this helpful reptile to give him a rest.

Rescuers from WRAS attended on site to rescue the hedgehog which was in relatively good condition, quite bright and alert. The hedgehog was checked over at WRAS’s casualty centre before being bedded down for 48 hours observation.

Rescuers were called to Meadow Place, Uckfield, to reports of a hedgehog stuck in a wall in a garden. Rescuers Katie and Chris attended on site and were greeted with quite a challenge.

At the bottom of the 4ft breeze block wall was a 500 gram hedgehog in need of help. The wall was holding the garden in place so removing parts was going to be difficult.

The caller did try and remove the top block but the concrete was solid.

Using a dog grasper, a pair of grips and a fence pole, also a lot of patience, frustration and blood sweat and a few tears, after an hour the grateful hedgehog was rescued.

Once free the hedgehog was taken to WRAS’s Rescue Centre and bedded down where he was soon tucking in to some food and water.

We need your help.

Last week a young fox cub got his head stuck in some orange plastic fencing in Heathfield.

Sadly he was cut free by a member of public and ran into his den.

Rescuers spent over nine hours waiting for him to come out.

Traps were placed and one of the other cubs were caught.

Sadly that night mum moved all of the cubs to a different den and we can’t find them.

The orange plastic is around the cub’s head or belly area. We don’t have much time. The plastic will kill him. As he grows it will get tighter.

If you have seen any cubs in the Heathfield area with orange plastic builders fencing attached please call us straight away.

On May 7, Chris Riddington and I will be running the Barcombe 10K. As it is Hedgehog Awareness Week we will be raising money to help WRAS rescue its most common wild mammal casualty.

So please help sponsor us at

If you are around our charity shop in Terminus Road Eastbourne on Saturday between 12noon and 5pm, pop in and say hello as we are helping to raise money for International Animal Rescue’s Cakes for Apes event.

I will be there for a few hours from midday onwards and will even be baking some cakes too!