TREVOR WEEKS: I'm being challenged to run the Eastbourne half marathon

Mother Nature! Will you please sort the weather out and tell your children not to have young at this time of year.

Saturday, 11th February 2017, 7:00 am
Updated Wednesday, 1st March 2017, 8:44 am
Jubilee Way crashed swan SUS-170802-091233001

We have had yet more young doves in this week. They are two months earlier than normal, and it means Kathy and I don’t get a chance to go away before the real season starts in April.

Rescuers Katie Nunn Nash and Karen Francis had to step in and help a couple of nestling white doves in Lewes after one parent was found dead and the other very poorly.

The parents have clearly struggled to find food to feed their young and as a result become ill and the two youngsters ended up needing rescuing.

Rescuers Chris Riddington and Laura Carrick have dealt with a very poorly fox in Blackwater Road Eastbourne.

The callers had waited with it keeping it warm under a blanket when they arrived.

The poor fox had a large bald patch on his body caused by a minor form of mange. The fox was suffering from hypothermia and dehydration.

Despite our best efforts the fox sadly passed away overnight even after our care team spent several hours work on him.

We also had an emergency call out via Sussex Police on Sunday morning to a fallow buck with antlers entangled in an electric rope at the side of a busy Lane between Cooksbridge and Newick.

I attended along with Chris and Kathy only to find the deer had passed away before we arrived.

It is highly likely the deer died of stress unable to get away from the road side. Such a sad waste of life.

Rescuers Kai Ahmed and Fiona Palmer rushed from our hospital in Whitesmith on Monday night after reports of a swan flying into the side of a bridge on the Golden Jubilee Way in Eastbourne.

The caller described the swan hitting the barrier at the side of the road and spinning up into the air. They were joined by senior rescuer Chris Riddington, who helped search the area in the pouring rain using torches and one of our donated thermal imaging cameras.

The swan was eventually spotted in a small pool close to the bridge. Kai grabbed a swan hook, long poles and some nets from the ambulance.

Kai hid in the reeds whilst Chris encouraged the swan towards him. After a few attempts, the swan got close enough for Kai to catch using a swan hook. Once back at the ambulance Chris gave the swan a check over before it was driven up to WRAS’s Casualty Care Centre.

At the hospital Katie, Kai and Fiona gave the swan a further once over and found he was rather dazed, pretty hungry, but luckily he seems uninjured for his ordeal.

The following day he was checked over and without any serious injuries, the swan was taken back out for release. This was one lucky swan.

A huge well done to Ben Sherlock who has raised a massive £748.31! Ben has been doing numerous amount of different fundraising ideas including selling handmade keyrings, online sales and collecting loose change.

Ambulances have also been called out to a road casualty owl at North Chailey, a collared dove in Langney sat in a puddle of water in the road, a cygnet at Hampden Park being attacked by its parents, a poorly young dove in Hailsham, a trapped pigeon inside a building in Hammonds Drive Eastbourne, a young pigeon at Lewes Railway Station, and a pigeon with a missing eye at Hampden Park.

My health has not been brilliant over the past 10 years (I’m now 45 years old!) gaining weight, high blood pressure as well as stress and illness. Several times I have been warned about my health by my doctor.

In 2015 I hit 110kg (just over 17 stone). Since March 2016 I have been actively trying to improve my health. So I started jogging. The first time I went out for a run it took me over 16 minutes to run and walk just one mile. Over the past year, I have been building up my fitness and reducing my weight. I am now 89kg (14 stone). On January 30 I ran (with a short amount of walking) 10 miles for the first time since the 1980s.

My colleague and best friend Chris has paid for me to enter and challenged me to complete the Eastbourne Half Marathon with him on March 5 almost exactly 1 year since I started running.

If I don’t get fit, I can’t be there to help WRAS and the thousands of wild animals and birds which WRAS helps. I need your support to encourage me on and get me to the finishing line.

So please sponsor me and help both me, my fitness as well as the animals of Sussex.