TREVOR’S WEEK: Support needed as our funds plummet

WRAS has now had more than 1,000 casualties through the doors of its Casualty Care Centre at Whitesmith this year!

We can only do this with your support so if you are able to made donation please call 01825873003 where you can make a donation over the phone. You can e-mail me at and I can send you a standing order or postal donation form.

Our funds plummet at this busy time of year so we urgently need your support.

We have had two baby hedgehogs in this week. They are about two weeks old and were found in a garden in Uckfield. They were very cold and thin, with mild fly strike.

We checked under some steps in the garden and found another two badly mauled dead hoglets and a live 960g female hog presumed to be mum. No obvious injury or illness but she had nested in an ant nest.

WRAS rescuers Chris and Jen dealt with a rescue at Motcombe Gardens last week, trying to help a family of blackbirds.

The nest had fallen from the eaves of a folly in the park, but the young blackbirds had fallen down inside the folly and the parents couldn’t get to them.

We contacted Eastbourne Borough Council and park ranger Andy Tilney was able to get a key to us. There were numerous dead fledglings inside the folly, some quite old, so the council is now looking at preventing this from happening again. The three fledglings are in care as they are too young to be out of their nest.

Five volunteer rescuers from WRAS spent over 90 minutes trying to catch a fox that had fallen into a barge in the River Ouse at Newhaven Harbour on Thursday. Two ambulances with rescuers from Uckfield, Polegate, Hailsham and Seaford, attended on site. A ladder had to be used to get down into the barge and it was eventually found hidden between two large 20 metre long metal girders.

It was not an easy rescue, with the barge gently moving from side to side, and having to be careful of the metal girders ensuring we didn’t trip over or injure ourselves, and the fox was so far inside between the girders, we were not sure if we would be able to get to it. After breaking a couple of poles, we drove across to the local industrial estate and purchased £50 worth of drainage rods.

Rescuers Tony and Clare have also rescued several other foxes this week including one in Eastbourne during the middle of the night. The fox as trapped inside a greenhouse but has come in for care as it is suffering from mange and being treated at WRAS’s Casualty Centre.

A cygnet at Leeds Avenue in Eastbourne had to be rescued as it had an injury to its right leg, which was badly infected. She was treated at our centre and the following day transported up to the Swan Sanctuary for better care.

We had two hedgehogs come in from St Boswells Close in Hailsham. One of them turned out to be a hedgehog which we released back in April. She was in good condition but had a lot of ticks so these have now been manually removed and is now due for release again.

The other hedgehog was a wild one but very much underweight and now in care.

Ambulances have been out constantly over the past week working very hard dealing with numerous call-outs including hedgehogs out roaming in daylight in Lewes, a pigeon with an injured wing in Eastbourne, a gull road casualty in Eastbourne, a Hedgehog stuck in the Winterbourne Stream in Lewes; and a baby blackbird in Peacehaven.

A big thank you to Tony and Murrae for their help during the night with rescues. I didn’t get more than 75 minutes sleep during one night last week. Some people don’t realise how small we are, and it amazes me how many people think we have an office, which is manned round the clock. If only!