Trevor’s Week: Poison warning to pet-owners

WE RAISED approximately £611.35 at the Arndale Centre on Saturday (September 1), it was a busy day and thank you to all the people who were very kind and generous.

So many people came up and congratulated me on my MBE, after quite a depressing couple of weeks with all sorts of problems and very poorly casualties to deal with, it was very heart-warming to meet everyone.

Plus a big thank you to all our WRAS volunteers who turned up to help and to the Arndale Centre for allowing us the space to collect.

WRAS’s Hospital is still running at between 90-100 per cent capacity, after the busiest summer WRAS has ever experienced at its Hospital.

We need your support to keep us going. If you haven’t donated before please donate on line at or phone 01825873003 during the day time or post a donation to East Sussex WRAS. PO Box 2148, Seaford, East Sussex, BN25 9DE. We really need your help to keep our service running at its current capacity.

A fox was admitted into care last week at WRAS’s Casualty Centre, after being asked by a small rescue group in Bexhill if we could take it in as they don’t have facilities to deal with foxes. They apparently stopped to move it thinking it was dead, but then realised it was alive and took it straight to the vets. Very dazed and concussed she is now under treatment and sleeping it off.

Rescuers brave attempts at trying to save a fox suffering from poisoning ended in vain at the weekend. Vets from Highcroft Veterinary Group have confirmed that the most likely cause of the fox’s symptoms is rat poisoning.

This prompted the WRAS to issue a warning to residents in the Woodgate Road area of Eastbourne where the fox was rescued.

Myself and rescuer Jayden Banks attended on site and caught the fox behind a garden shed, we noticed bleeding around the gums and at first thought the fox may have been a road casualty, but on closer inspection back at WRAS’s Casualty Care Centre alarm bells starting ringing that the fox could be a poisoning case. Due to the foxes deterioration we decided to get the fox into Highcroft Vets in Hailsham for one of their vets to confirm our fears, which they did. The fox was placed on intravenous fluids and given Vitamin K1 injections to help beat the poisoning.

We are issuing this warning to the public as it is highly likely that this fox has picked up poison within the residential area surrounding Woodgate Road, Eastbourne. Either this is secondary poisoning where the fox has picked up a rat or mouse which has been poisoned and eaten it, or poison has been placed irresponsibly or illegally in a place where other animals can gain access to it putting wildlife and pets at risk. We are urging pet owners in the area to keep an eye out with their pets and if they have any concerns then to contact their local veterinary practice.