Trevor’s Week - November 9, 2011: Hedgehogs should not be out during the day

WHAT is happening at Westham? We have continued this week to get young hedgehogs in from across Westham again including a couple weighing less than 200g!

They are being found mainly around Castle View Gardens, Pevensey Park Road, and that estate area.

We have been struggling with some of the very small ones which have been so small, thin and suffering from internal parasite problems that they don’t have the strength to fight off their problems.

We will continue to try and do the fighting for them. We were lucky we did not experience any casualties caught in bonfires this year and bonfire night passed without any problems.

Both TV programmes Autumn Watch and Beeny’s Restoration Nightmare have both shown hedeghogs out during the daytime as if it is perfectly normal for this to happen with nothing being said about this not being normal?

We have had several people this autumn contact us not realising hedgehogs should not be out during the day and one person even commented on having seen them on TV so didn’t think it was a problem.

So, to set the record straight, if you find any hedgehogs out during the day at any time of year and at any weight they will need picking up and checking over, as they will only be out during the day time if they are having a problem.

WE HAVE had other casualties in this week including a mouse road casualty from Whitesmith, several wood pigeons, feral pigeons and collared doves suffering from emaciation, canker or cat attack injuries.

We have also had calls about a crow on the A259 at Pevensey which we visited several times but it keeps avoiding us.

There is also a gull reported as having a damaged wing near Asda, but every time we attend it has disappeared. Speaking to a couple of local residents it appears the gull, despite having a dropped wing, can still fly.

We frequently get people calling us reporting birds with broken wings but unless you can see bone sticking through or the wing is all twisted and mangled you honestly can’t tell if it is broken without catching it.

Some dropped wings can just be muscular, ligament or tendon damage, these are problems and can prevent birds from flying too, so often need catching.

WE HAD an emergency call to a road casualty fox at Eastbourne. It was shocked, concussed and fairly easy to handle and was picked up by WRAS rescuer Tony and bedded down at our Casualty Centre.

He had an old wound on his back which was scabbed over but there was also an abscess too.

This had to be cleaned and washed which is never the nicest of job but it has to be done.

Daily we have been washing the wounds and taking care of the casualty and he seems to be making a good recovery. We hope that he will be released this week.

I AM proud to announce the winners of the 2011 East Sussex WRAS Grand Raffle. The first prize of a two-night stay for two at the animal friendly and 4 star Royal Hotel went to Shelley Jones, from Heathfield.

Second prize of dinner for two at the Star Inn at Alfriston was won by Tim Davis ,from Eastbourne.

Third prize of dinner for two at the Whitehart at Netherfield was won by Jenny O’Riordon ,from Eastbourne.

Fourth prize of a set of Animal Themed Crockery from Lavender & Sage was won by S Ridley, from Polegate, and fifth prize of a bottle of wine won by Janet Morrison, from Rottingdean.

WRAS would like to express is thanks to The Royal Hotel, Eastbourne, The Star at Alfriston, the White Hart at Netherfield, and Lavender& Sage for donating the main prizes for this year’s raffle!

It has been a great success and we raised loads of money to help our service stay open.

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