Trevor’s Week - November 23, 2011: Come and enjoy our Christmas Extravaganza

THIS week has seen several road casualties. A collapsed fox was reported at Hailsham and Lower Dicker last week, and sadly they were both in a very poor way and rushed into local vets for euthanasia.

We’ve also had a road casualty mallard duck in Uckfield which is currently in care too.

Last week’s road casualty fox which Tony rescued has made a full recovery and was released in Eastbourne last week.

We had numerous calls about a gull by Sainsbury’s at Hampden Park but every time we attended the bird disappeared. These calls are always difficult when the casualty is mobile and no one waits and watches where they are.


NOT surprisingly we had loads more hedgehogs in this week!

WRAS rescuer Martin rescued a badly injured hedgehog in Ringmer which had fly strike too – which we don’t normally experience at this time of year.

He was rushed to Priory Veterinary Hospital at Brighton where he has had a leg amputated and is now back at our centre recovering.

Two hedgehogs have come in with the hedgehog version of mange and are now under treatment.

We have now started moving the bigger hedgehogs outside to hibernate in controlled conditions where they will be monitored and observed closely.

We have another four hogs lined up to join them once their weights stabilize in the next week or so. We have more than 60 hedgehogs in care at the moment.

THE rescue line has been very busy this week. We have had hedgehogs in from East Hoathly, calls from the Midlands and Devon about hedgehogs, as well as calls in Eastbourne to hedgehogs, pigeon and gulls, but we’ve also had to pass over a few pigeon and hedgehog rescues plus a fox and gull rescue in Brighton to Roger’s Wildlife Rescue and South Coast Animal Ambulance as the lines have been so busy.

There was even a call about a grass snake at Dallington which was passed to the Amphibian and Reptile Group to deal with.


WE HAVE had a few more pigeons in too, including a rather old boy indeed. Seems to have suffered some form of neurological trauma and is very dozy and rests with his head upside down.

He isn’t standing though his legs seem strong, he may be a possible cat attack victim and has superficial wounds to his back and all the flight feathers have been plucked from his left wing.


RESCUERS were also called to the Laura Ashley store in Lewes last week to catch a pigeon flying round inside the store. After a few attempts the bird was caught and checked over.

Luckily it was in a good condition compared to some we have seen recently and taken round the back of the store and released back to the wild, where he flew off well to the top of the neighbouring building.

You can watch the release of this bird on our You Tube Channel


WE ALSO had an emergency call to “Dusty” on Friday night. “Dusty” is a young fallow deer which had been caught in stock fencing at Ponts Green near Ashburnham.

He had been caught for at least 36 hours, and worn a deep hole in the ground trying to get free.

Sadly the leg which was caught was very severely injured and is not saveable.

He was due to have an amputation at the vets on Tuesday. We will have to keep our fingers tightly crossed for this one.


WE HAD two young white pigeons come in last week with severe canker we have tried our best to treat them, but one has not survived and the other is hanging on.

We are having to feed them with a very fine tube as it is difficult to get passed the blockage in their throats.

A dove which Kathy has been looking after with a broken leg and was found covered in oil is doing great and will be ready for our flight aviary soon.

And her feral pigeon who was a cat attack which the vet had to staple the wounds back together under both wings, has almost completely healed so we hope he will made a full recovery.


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