Trevor’s Week - November 2, 2011: News of our Christmas extravaganza

THE swan which we rescued from a compound at Ditchling Common Industrial Estate was released back at Ditchling Common.

This was not the only release this week, as Ragged Robin, who had a growth on his leg and who has been with us for more than three months now, was also released back in Hove.

His leg has now fully recovered and is fit and well now, so he has been returned to his home.

We have a new young deer Domino who has joined our little team of deer.

She was caught in stock fencing and has been treated and cared for by a vet nurse.

The nurse has been looking after him for more than three months now and has done a great job.

Domino has been transported to the paddock where the others are. Although she walks and runs in a slightly awkward manner, she will be more than suitable for release when the time comes.

She is much lighter than the other babies who have quite dark winter coats on them now – as well as rather large bellies stocking themselves up for the winter period.

We have decided to have a Christmas Extravaganza at Westham Village Hall on December 17 from 6pm to 9pm, with carols, mulled wine, winter soup, Santa, bric-a-brac, cakes stalls, Christmas lucky drip, raffle and much more.

So please put this in your diary and come along and support us.

You must check out our new Christmas merchandise which includes, WRAS travel mugs, WRAS wallets, WRAS tax disc holders, WRAS pencils, new WRAS pens, two new types of WRAS Xmas cards, and new WRAS tote bags.

Also, we have a new baby deer adoption packs which including some of these items with a large 32-page colour booklet telling the stories of all our baby deer rescued this year.

All the usual toys and other adoption packs are available and the Baby Deer booklet is also available to buy separately - titled ‘An Amazing Year of Miracles, Heartbreak & Memories (A glimpse into the world of rescuing baby deer)’.

Visit our eBay shop by clicking on the link on our website for more information and Christmas goodies!

We had two more baby hedgehogs come in from Castle View Gardens in Westham this week.

We have had 12 hedgehogs come in all less than 300g. They should be over 600g by now.

We have lost a couple of them due to the severity of their conditions, with heavy parasite burdens too.

We have also had three hedgehogs weighing about 300 grams come in from a lady at Ditchling who had been looking after them for a few weeks. She was finding it difficult to care for them and had to pass them over to us to take on.

We had a collared dove come in from Hailsham last week after falling into an oil pit at a scrap yard.

The bird had to be washed and cleaned, and the poorly little thing also had a fractured leg too!

However, she is doing well and we hope she will make a full recovery. Sadly that won’t be the case for a pigeon which had been looked after by lady in Polegate; the bird was rather emaciated and also had a tumour.

Finally, please remember the wildlife during the bonfire season, and try to avoid setting off fireworks around woodlands and hedgerows. Also, don’t forget the advice I gave out a couple of weeks ago, about bonfires.

Try to rebuild the bonfire before setting light to it or use broom handles to lift up the base of the bonfire to check for hedgehogs. Only set fire to the bonfire on one side so that any creatures inside can escape the opposite side too.


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