Trevor’s Week - May 25, 2011

VOLUNTEERS at Wildlife Rescue Centres always struggle at this time of year so I have been asking people to be patient and understanding.

There is never enough money and the volunteers work extremely hard and are very dedicated. Please thank rather than criticise them. Welfare has to be paramount and if they can’t take something in it is because they care about the casualties already in care.

WE HAVE had a very lethargic and weak female duck in this week. She is now on a private pond being monitored.

We have had more hedgehogs in this week including more dog- attacked ones.

Some may remember that about six years ago I rescued a greylag goose at Downash near Hailsham. It was was badly limping and had a chest infection.

She was named Matilda by her carers at Chalvington where she stayed for a couple of years, but then she had to be moved to the pond at the Sussex Horse Rescue centre when her carers moved home. We were amazed that she had two goslings last year.

Matilda had to come back into care last week as she was limping very badly and we became concerned that her leg was causing her problems.

She was seen by our vet Simon at the weekend and after a few days of medication and care she was returned to her home at Uckfield on Monday.

WE HAVE three fox cubs in care at the moment. One was rescued late at night at Dallington after being found in the middle of a busy road. We think he is too young to go straight back. Another had a dog bite to its pelvis and I had the lovely job of cleaning the wound daily .

Another cub with a fractured rear leg in care is too young for a full plaster cast as it will outgrow this rapidly and cause damage to the leg.

THE baby roe roe deer found at Chiddingly a couple of weeks ago is doing really well, I honestly thought he wouldn’t make it and amazed to see him this week running around the garden full of beans and energy. It’s all thanks to Debbie, Chris and Sylvia - well done guys.

WRAS’s patron and Cbeebies star Sarah Jane Honeywell will be at the “Wildlife Wednesday” event at Michelham Priory at Upper Dicker on Wednesday, June 1. This event is aimed at children and there will be various activities and displays to learn more about wildlife. Including a display from WRAS, British Divers Marine Life Rescue, Bees Action Network and International Animal Recsue.

TONY N, Sue A, Kathy and I have been to warehouse in Newhaven to catch a young sparrowhawk. The poor bird had been stuck for several day before WRAS was called.

We decided on another night time rescue using night vision goggles which Kathy gave me back at Christmas.

Using these I was able to direct other rescuers to the bird and help co-ordinate the capture. It would have been impossible without the goggles.

THE volunteers find their own casualties, with Tony, Jude, Daniel, Gaby, Bruce and Sue bringing in many things they have found near their homes.

When Kathy went into her back garden at 10.30pm and heard crashing around in the leaves under her kitchen window she found a hedgehog, who has been named Ernie.

He had a burst abscess on his forehead and another on his back leg. He is now at the casualty centre healing well and should soon be released.