Trevor’s Week - March 9, 2011

FROM a very quiet week to a much busier one! Bam Bam the hedgehog, which came in last weekend with a fractured upper palate, has started the long road to recovery.

He was admitted suffering from severe lung and intestinal worms, wheezing and coughing.

Not strong enough to withstand anaesthetic we had to spend the week building him up and treating his worm burden before our vet could deal with the fracture.

Simon visited at the weekend and was able to use a veterinary glue to fix the upper palate. Bam Bam should now feel much more comfortable.

WE HAD another pigeon caught in netting last week. Staff at Pets at Home contacted WRAS after noticing the pigeon caught in netting above Homebase in Lottbridge Drove. Very kindly Eastbourne Fire Station attended and erected a ladder to cut the pigeon free.

YET MORE crashed swans this week, around the Pevensey and Langney areas. This is happening on a regular basis at the moment, so please be careful around the Pevensey, Westham, Langney and Eastbourne areas.

WE HAVE a possible juvenile goldfinch in care after hitting a window in Uckfield. We also have a pigeon in care which a lady “saved” as it was being eaten by a sparrowhawk. Please do not interfere if you see a predator eating a prey species, they need to survive too.

A BUZZARD has come into care with a fractured wing, it needs an operation and has gone to specialist vets at Vale Wildlife Rescue in Gloucestershire.

WE ALSO have a moorhen in care with a fractured leg, as well as a pigeon squab found on the Cuckoo Trail which has been injured by a dog.

WE HAVE set a few more training course dates. - running another Waterfowl Awareness Course on March 30 at WRAS’s Casualty Care Centre, 7pm till 9.30pm.

We also have a new course entitled Wildlife Hazards Around Your Home which looks at the threats to our wildlife found in and around your home and garden, and also what you can do to prevent these hazards from causing wildlife casualties.

The course will take place on April 6, 7pm-9.30pm and on April 16 from 2pm-4.30pm at WRAS’s Casualty Care Centre at Whitesmith on the A22 north of Hailsham.

If you are interested in attending either course please contact WRAS on 01825 873003 – please DO NOT use this number if you find a casualty. Also WRAS will be having an Easter Fair on April 9 at St John’s Church Hall, High Street, Polegate between 9am and noon.

We still have a few tables available for hire at £5 each. It will be free entry for the public and there will be refreshments, raffle available, so please come along.

WICKED Witch the feral pigeon was released back in Eastbourne last week. He has been in the aviary with Roast the juvenile who was attacked by gulls on Eastbourne Seafront, who was released on Sunday morning.

The feral pigeon who had the de-gloved neck, and the feral pigeon who lost a couple of toes after having cotton tightly caught round them, are now out in the aviary and flying well.

ANOTHER five hedghogs went down to the hogstys today - Snowball, Holly, Pie, Stuffing and Pudding.

All the hedgehogs being over wintered are now doing well and looking good.

There are a couple more over a kilo, so clearly making the most of the others hedgehogs hibernating.

Two are borderline 600 grams but have been hibernating for weeks now, but most are well over 750g.

IF YOU have a mobile phone or ink cartridge you are about to throw out, you can now recycle them to make money for East Sussex WRAS.

Please visit you can find out more details and also other ways of helping to raise money to save sick, injured and orphaned wildlife.

WE WERE called to a badger hidden in a toilet room off Compton Place Road, Eastbourne.

Grant the badger was found curled up under a small table when we arrived.

It was difficult to assess the badger’s condition so he was caught for better assessment.

There were marks found on his rump and neck but were luckily just old bite marks which had fully healed.

Grant was taken back to WRAS’s Casualty Centre and after several hours and a good feed, he was returned late at night to Eastbourne and released outside the building where he was found.