Trevor’s Week - March 23, 2011: A night spent talking to young Badgers...

Tuesday night last week, I spent the night talking to Badgers – no I’ve not finally lost the plot, although I’m not far from it – I was actually talking to the young junior members of the St John Ambulance Brigade at Willingdon who because of their black and white uniform are called Badgers.

I would like to thank them, as well as the Friends of Hastings Country Park and the Hailsham Horticultural Society, for making donations to WRAS in return for one of my illustrated talks.

If you are interested in booking me for a donation, to WRAS please contact me via the office on 01825 873003 or via e-mail

The road casualty badger from a couple of weeks ago has been released, back near Piltdown.

It was good to see her go and when she left the cage she ran straight along the badger path towards the nearest badger sett.

Kevin, a road casualty feral pigeon (who actually turned out to be a female) found in Uckfield, was also released last week.

(S)he was an extremely lucky pigeon and only suffered from cuts to his leg and a small amount of damage to one of his toes.

After several days he had made a full recovery and was released back at Uckfield, where he flew straight up to the roof top where two males, one clearly hopeful and the other looked like her partner, as he saw the other male off and then the two of them started courting.

Karen Breese has been running again this weekend, undertaking the Hastings Half Marathon.

Karen has now run more than 65 miles over five races, and she has four more races left including three full marathons.

Please help Karen keep going by donating via her just giving website at

We had a very poorly hedgehog in this week from East Hoathly, which was severely emaciated.

Rescuer Kathy called on the lady by chance to discuss a releasing a hedgehog which needed a new home.

When she arrived the lady told Kathy that there was a poorly young hog visiting her around 7pm and she was feeding him and been trying to catch him.

Just as Kathy was leaving she found the hedgehog in question on the driveway.

He was clearly severely underweight, had very dull spines, a severe eye infection and was looking very poorly.

Once treated at the centre he started to tuck into a bowl of food as soon as he was placed into his cage.

Kathy and I, on our way to the Casualty Centre Saturday evening, witnessed an horrendous incident. Cars travelling in both directions stopped including WRAS’s veterinary ambulance, after a deer was clipped by a car, but to everyone’s horror, a second car accelerated round the stopped vehicles, squeezing through a narrow gap between the cars and just ploughed over the top of the injured deer which we believe may have originally been saveable. I think everyone was in disbelief that this car was accelerating all the time, squeezing between everyone and ploughing over the deer.

We were trying to manoeuvre our ambulance across to the side of the road and had to suddenly stop to avoid the car hitting us, we even had our orange warning beacons on and other cars had their hazard lights on.

When we got out and checked the deer you could clearly see and feel where the second car had gone over the rib cage of the deer causing major internal injuries.

This was an extremely distressing thing to witness and was extremely upsetting to deal with.

We are running some more training courses at WRAS’s Casualty Care Centre.

On Wednesday, March 30, we will be running the Waterfowl Awareness Course between 7pm and 10pm, also on April 6 from 7pm, and April 16 from 2pm we are running a new course called Wildlife Hazards Around Your Home.

These course cost £15 per person and you need to book in advance. The new course looks at common hazards which wildlife faces around the home and garden and how they can be prevented.

We also have a couple of events coming up including WRAS’s Easter Fair between 9am and 12noon at the St John’s Church Hall in Polegate High Street.

There will be refreshments and various stalls. Also why not come along to a special open day at the Beachy Head Countryside Centre over the weekend of 2nd and 3rd April 2 and 3.

To celebrate the establishment of the National Park the Centre is having a special event over the weekend and WRAS will be present to have a display on its work.