Trevor’s Week - March 2, 2011

OUR RAFFLE tickets go on sale this weekend.

We are really grateful to the pet-friendly Royal Hotel on Eastbourne seafront for giving the first prize of two nights for two people including breakfast, also to The Star Inn at Alfriston and The White Hart Pub at Netherfield for giving prizes of dinner for two, plus thanks to Lavender and Sage for giving a set of animal themed crockery. There will also be other smaller prizes, too.

The grand draw runs until October when we will be having a fundraising party.

A little hedgehog, which we have named Bam Bam, was found in Plumpton Green over the weekend.

The poor little creature only weighed 330g and is unfortunately suffering from severe lung and intestinal worms, causing him to squeak and wheeze when he breathes. He has certainly got some fight in him, though, and medication seems to be starting to work.

Pigeon time is upon us. We had a couple come in over the weekend, one rescued by WRAS rescuer Sue in Polegate, which was a feral pigeon, quite flat and emaciated. Kathy and I also dealt with a call about a wood pigeon caught about 30ft up an oak tree in East Grinstead.

We have had another blackbird, this one was a cat-attacked female, with a very bald bottom.

She has a small wound to her head and was not standing properly on one leg, although she can grasp with it, she is improving daily though and it seems to be badly bruised rather than nerve damage.

Please support Karen Breese, she has completed two half-marathons and has five more races to go, including the Eastbourne Half Marathon this coming weekend.

She is raising funds for East Sussex WRAS.

She completed the Brighton Half Marathon in a staggering 1:56:04, which is a personal best for Karen.

Rescues allowing, I hope to be down at Princes Park to help support Karen. The race starts at 10am. Please come down to Princes Park or other sections of the race to support Karen, who will be wearing a black top with WRAS’s hedgehog logo on.

You can help support her by visiting her shop Checkers Barbers in Seaside, Eastbourne or visiting her justgiving page

WRAS needs an electrician to help with some electrical work – must be registered – we also need some help with carpentry skills and erecting a basic partition wall.

If you can help at all please get in touch with me on 01825 873003 for more information.

We released our swan last week, only for another one to be admitted within a couple of hours. This time it was a swan which may have hit power cables near Offham. The swan had swelling around the shoulder but luckily nothing serious and was released at the beginning of the week.

Rhubarb the kestrel is settling in really well, he is now happily tearing up is own chicks, posing standing on one leg with food grasped in the other foot.

We are all keeping our fingers crossed the fractured wing is healing well, but we won’t know for another couple of weeks yet.

Mickey the jackdaw is also settled well though he prefers his cat food. Custard the new white pigeon is no worse, and eating well and Minnie our other female blackbird with the damaged wing is nice and feisty and hopefully will make a full recovery, she is starting to fly in her cage.

WRAS now has four young people helping out at the centre, three are students undertaking work placements via Plumpton College and a fourth person via the Community Task Force helping with a back to work scheme.

WRAS is not just about helping animals but helping the community, the people who find casualties and at the same time help people get into suitable work and jobs.

Our latest newsletter is being posted out next week, if you would like to receive an electronic copy or a copy by post, please email me or write to Julia Bond at the address above.