Trevor’s Week (June 6th) - Chance to thank volunteers who do such a fantastic job

HAS IT really been a week since I wrote my last column? I think Kate and I are struggling to remember what day it is at the moment, we are still working seven days a week and round the clock. Our volunteers are working flat out too and being very supportive and without whom Kate and I would probably have had a nervous breakdown by now!

I must thank all who visited Hailsham Tesco on Saturday and Sunday and help WRAS raise over £500, thank you very much for you donations and kind words, clearly many of you are Gazette readers so thank you very much for your support.

Matilda the greylag goose, who was rescued at Downash near Hailsham in 2009 and has been in foster care ever since, has had to come back to WRAS’s Casualty Centre this week, unable to walk properly.

She is being a great patient and has settled into her new home very well. She is not a spring chicken, and all we can do is manage her arthritis and try and keep her as happy and comfortable as possible.

All our volunteers are falling in love with “Eve” our fallow deer rescued two weeks ago.

The ligature wound on her leg is slowly recovering and the wounds healing, but her foot doesn’t look very nice at the moment with fur and skin sloughing off as it heals.

We hope to move her to an outdoor pen this week to give her a little more freedom and space. Every time she gets upset with me injecting her I have to make friends by feeding her some apple or pear!

David Pettifor has completed his walk across Scotland in support of WRAS. He has raised more than £600 for WRAS! David had to brave the horrible weather a few weeks ago, and as a result had to divert sections of his walk. It is not too late to show support for David by donating on his justgiving page

We have released three adult Woodies all found trapped in different chimneys, they have been in care for a while getting a bit of rehab and rest. Hedgehogs Pepppa Pig, found in a road in Cross in Hand and hedgehog Jemima, who was found out in the day light in Heathfield have both been released fit and well this week too as have three juvenile Woodies, two hand reared blackbirds along with another blackbird and pigeon.

We are getting a lot of calls about fledglings, please remember a fully feathered fledgling should be left alone, if you are worried about cats or predators pop the bird up into a bush if there is one very close by, but do not move it too far or the parents won’t find it, only do this for fledgling, not baby or nestlings. We have had some young birds too small to be fledgling come in for care.

Several young sparrows, a young feral pigeon, a young woody, plus some blackbirds, blue tits and more!

The past week has been a corvid week. Corvid is the family name for crows, jackdaws, rooks, jays etc, we have had way more calls this year about them than any other previous year.

We are going to struggle to take many more in as we are so full. We are also shipping a couple calcium deficient crows to Vale Wildlife Rescue as we don’t have enough aviary space for them as they need long term care into next year to allow them to moult and get healthy feathers through. We are really in need of some land – ideally local to Whitesmith – where we can erect some aviaries in a quiet area for rehabilitation prior to release.

National Volunteers’ Week (June 1-7) is an opportunity to celebrate volunteering and volunteers across the UK. Staff at Volunteer Centre East Sussex are each giving an hour of their time with local organisations across the county, including ChoicES, East Sussex Fire and Rescue, East Sussex Association for the Blind and with us too. So today (Wednesday) we have a member of staff from the Volunteer Centre visiting to see what volunteering with East Sussex WRAS is all about! On behalf of the people and casualties we deal with I would like to thank all our dedicated volunteers who all do a fantastic job.