Trevor’s Week - June 1, 2011

IT’S Wildlife Wednesday today at Michelham Priory and our patron Sarah Jane Honeywell from CBeebies is visiting the priory to help encourage children to have a healthy interest in helping to save and protect wildlife, She will be visiting between 11am and 2pm.

There will be displays from British Divers Marine Life Rescue, International Animal Rescue, Bees Action Network as well as WRAS. There will be nature walks, pond dipping and more.

We will have our wildlife hazards model train set plus a large wildlife Wordsearch, and large jigsaw puzzle and more!

It has been a very depressing week with quite a lot of badly injured animals coming into care and either dying en route, vets advising casualties should be put down or dying at the centre.

We received a call from Tesco in Lewes after a young sparrowhawk flew into their warehouse, unfortunately they were advised by a national animal charity to put some raw meat on the floor and the sparrowhawk would find its own way out.

Three days later the bird was still inside and getting weaker. I attended on site and as our rescuers were all quite busy, I decided to return a few hours later with help from Kathy and Tony.

Between the three of us we were able to catch the bird and bring it in for treatment.

The bird was quite underweight and clearly had not eaten much for some time.

The poor bird was force fed and given rehydration fluids but sadly the bird died over night which is quite common and very sad.

We also had sparrowhawk from a vets practice in Eastbourne, however, when we examined the bird we found its wing was fractured.

We sent the bird to a different vets practice for clarification and an x-ray confirmed the fracture which is now being treated.

We also had a nasty call about a fox with a prolapsed rectum running around in a garden in Eastbourne last week.

The poor young fox was not easy to catch. Sadly the prolapse was quite old and had dried out to the point that it could not be replaced. Sadly the poor fox had to be put to sleep.

Tony also had the horrible job of rescuing a cygnet in the inlet stream of Princes Park, close to Wartling Road, Eastbourne.

The poor cygnet was in an extremely bad way, it had some nasty injures and its intestines were hanging out. Tony rushed the cygnet to the emergency vets at Bexhill where it sadly also had to be put to sleep.

We are getting loads of calls about fledglings at the moment. Please do not pick up fledglings, which are young birds that have all their proper feathers and sometimes a small amount of fluff sticking through still.

When these birds leave the nest they cannot fly and will spend time down on the ground. Although they are at risk of being caught by predator it is a risk they have to take or every single bird would come into care.

I know it is hard and worrying but you will be surprised at how many do survive. If you have fledglings in your garden they are unlikely to be there for long, and certainly keeping your cat in for 24 hours will make a big difference to their survivability.

With the rough weather recently we are receiving quite a few calls about gull chicks falling off roof tops. As the Gull Rescue is no longer taking in gulls, we have suddenly been inundated with calls.

It is getting very distressing not being able to take them in and that there are not enough places for them to go.

Unfortunately we donated our resources to the Gull Rescue when they first started and we have not been offered any suitable facilities back or any finances too.

If you find one fallen from a roof, try and get it off the ground onto a flat roof, garage roof close to the house where the bird was found. If this is not possible it may need to come into care.

You can try the RSPCA and see if they have space by calling 0300 1234999.

Because of how busy it has been our supplies of newspaper are running low, if you are able to donate any newspapers, towels, blankets or pillow cases, you can deliver them to Unit 8 The Shaw Barn, Whitesmith, East Sussex, BN8 6JD.

There is a green bin outside where such donations can be left.

On June 19 WRAS has organised a fun Treasure Hunt by Car. Registration is at 1-1.30pm at WRAS’s Casualty Care Centre, at the above address at Whitesmith.

The events is sponsored by Uckfield Motor Services and the winner will get a full MOT and service for their car worth up to £160 at Uckfield Motor Services, a small selection of drinks and chocolates.

Entry is £10 per team/car and you have two hours to return with as much information and items as requested on the list provided on the day. It is all in aid of East Sussex WRAS and should be a fun afternoon. Refreshments will be provided at the centre.