TREVOR’S WEEK (July 4th): You can’t beat this for a series of romantic nights out!

IT HAS been a foxy week and at one stage we had more than 11 in care at our casualty care centre!

A road casualty fox cub from Rock Lane, Hastings, two weeks ago, has been returned much to our surprise.

When we picked up the cub from Greenleaves Night Clinic at Bexhill, we honestly thought it wouldn’t survive.

Amazingly he recovered and volunteers Tony and Claire kindly returned him to Hastings on Friday night – the finders showing where he was found.

One of our fox cubs which has been in for about five weeks being treated for severe sarcoptic mange has been taken on by the fox project as we don’t have any suitable cubs for him to go with prior to release.

We have an adult fox with minor mange with dog bites to his rear leg. The wounds were infected and smelt horrendous but after cleaning we treated them and he is recovering well. We have also had a very small fox cub with severe mange come in too.

TONY and Claire also helped catch a pigeon flying around inside the Matalan store at the Crumbles in Eastbourne last week. Although the store is a large warehouse-type, there are upper floors making it possible to catch the pigeon.

THIS week I thought I would treat my long-suffering girlfriend to some romantic nights out – the first being an evening rescuing a cormorant at Nutley.

The bird had flown into a pond in a wooded area, but the tall trees were preventing it flying out. The cormorant cut my finger with its sharp beak, but we caged and relocated him to a nearby pond. In the van the cormorant regurgitated the contents of its stomach in the ambulance, stinking out the entire van with a rotting fishy smell.

Needless to say the least Kathy wasn’t feeling overly well after that night out!

ROMANTIC night number two: I went for the cute and cuddly rescue and took Kathy out to search for a road casualty baby fallow deer on the Uckfield bypass. We ended up walking miles back and forth checking around the area – through thick undergrowth, following deer paths, through cobwebs, thorn bushes and more getting scratched and bitten by midges! Sadly we didn’t find it.

FOR romantic night number three I took Kathy out for a late-night stake out to catch a young fox with possible pelvic damage. We arrived at Isfield at 11pm and sat watching and waiting.

The moonlight was not quite what I was hoping for but the security light on the house helped.

At least five different foxes visited over two hours but sadly not the injured fox. I must think of a few more romantic nights out for Kathy!

UPDATE on our fallow deer Eve who is now settled well in the outdoor paddock and has spent some time there with last year’s young deer when they came home to visit.

NIKKI has three baby rabbits in care after their mum was found dead with two siblings. They are at a challenging age but Nikki is working hard to pull them through.

KATE and the baby bird team are still exceptionally busy. We have more than 35 baby birds being looked after – many of them cat attacks and window strikes. They include tits, robins, dunnocks, starlings, blackbirds, sparrows, pigeons, doves, jackdaws, magpies and crows.

We have released a batch of hand-reared sparrows, with the next lot of tits and blackbirds nearing time for release as well.

The dunnock used as a ball by yobs in Newhaven is recovering really well. He is still in care but developing really well.

WE HAD our first baby bat of the year come in at the weekend, found on the floor of a house in Whitesmith.

We try to get them back to their roosts but this one was underweight and dehydrated and taken up to Jenny Clark at Forest Row for hand rearing.

FINANCES are always tight and sadly we can’t help everyone. Please consider taking out a small standing order with WRAS, a monthly order for just £1 or £2 is really beneficial in helping us plan. You can download a standing order form from our website or call 01825873003.

THIS Saturday the Southdown’s Singers will be raising funds in support of East Sussex WRAS with a charity concert at St Mary’s Church Hall, Hampden Park, 7.30pm. Tickets are £8 each and available from Michael Staff (01323-870610).

ON JULY 14 we have another Unusual Quiz Night at Berwick Village Hall, Station Road, Berwick, close to Arlington Reservoir. Doors open 7pm. Tickets at £10 per person (£12.50 on the door) and includes entry to the quiz and food – tri-coloured pasta with a stir through sauce, salad and quiches. There will be a bar. To book call Kate on 01825873003 or post a cheque payable to “East Sussex WRAS” to Kate Cuddis, East Sussex WRAS, Unit 8 The Shaw Barn, Whitesmith, BN8 6JD.