Trevor’s Week - July 29, 2011: Could you help rescue wildlife casualties?

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CAN YOU spare a one or two days a week helping to rescue wildlife casualties?

We are looking for dedicated volunteers who can spend one or two days a week on-call, based at the Casualty Centre at Whitesmith helping to respond to emergency calls.

We give on-the-job training and you must have a full driving licence. Suitable people will have access to drive WRAS’s ambulances while on call.

This is not an easy role to fill, as it requires dedication and commitment most people aren’t prepared to give, so it takes a very special person to take on this role.

If you are interested call me at the centre on 01825 873003 or e-mail me at

DOTTIE and Dolly, our first two baby fallow deer, are doing well in care and spending all day outside now - only coming in at night. Their wounds are recovering nicely.

Del Boy, who was the dog attack, is looking better but he is going to take a long time to recover.

Delilah the female fallow caught in stock fencing at Maresfield is a worry as what was a small wound has changed into a major one as the tissue around the ligature wound dies off.

There seems to be enough blood flow to the foot and there is warmth there so we are keeping our fingers crossed for her.

Dave on the other hand is looking much worse sadly. Dave had been caught in fencing at Duddleswell.

He had already been cut free once; there is also a wound on his back which could be consistent with a road casualty, and then caught in fencing a second time too.

Sadly the ligature wound on the rear leg is not healing and he is also unable to use his front leg properly due to the first wound.

Sadly it looks like we may have run out of options, he is booked for a full assessment at the vets and I will update you next week with the outcome, but we are not expecting good news.

Volunteers Chris and Sylvia have been working very hard with the five baby deer and I have been visiting every other day to change bandages and check the wounds and help with their medication.

Fingers crossed for them all.

WE HAD a call to Downash near Hailsham after a report of a swan with a large lump on the side of its face.

When we arrived on site we were amazed at the size of the swelling. We were able to catch the swan and check her over. I can’t say I have ever come across a swelling on the head of a swan anywhere near this size before, at least four inches wide.

On checking the throat you could see where the swelling was pushing into the throat, and the swan was very underweight. We drove it to Shepperton for the specialist veterinary staff at the Swan Sanctuary to assess.

It is unclear what has caused the abscess which they have now drained. We hope she will make a fully recovery.

WE WERE called to Menzies Distribution’s warehouse in Hampden Park too, after a sparrowhawk flew inside. The warehouse was very tall so three metre long poles had to be taped together in order to reach the bird.

Normally in these situations we do the rescues at night and catch the bird in the dark but the lights in the warehouse were controlled by movement sensors and could not be turned off. We had no option but to try in full light.

Kathy, Tony, Sue and I attended and using the taped together poles which were not easy to control at that length we spent about 30 minutes trying to catch the bird.

Eventually it was cornered and caught and taken to the casualty centre overnight and then released the following morning.

THERE IS video footage of our rescues and more including our Deer Appeal Video on our You Tube Channel at THANK you to those who have made donations to our Deer Appeal. We will be at the Lamas Festival on the Western Lawns at Eastbourne this coming weekend trying to raise money for our deer appeal.

So please come along and say hello. You can also make a donation to our via our just giving page or you can post donations to East Sussex WRAS, PO Box 2148, Seaford, East Sussex, BN25 9DE.

VOLUNTEER Sue has had a nestling swallow brought into her last week, it’s her first one.

The nest had been raided, unfortunately four were dead, but one was still alive.

The poor little thing came in with a cut on its head and some smaller puncture wounds to its body, also it had some nasty bruising on its abdomen.

He is feeding well, the cuts have started to heal and the bruising is fading. Fingers crossed for his continued improvement.

Kathy has taken on another little Collared Dove baby too, which is developing well along with a second from two weeks ago.

We have also had a couple of young bats to deal with and we must thank Jenny at the Sussex Bat Hospital for her help and support.


East Sussex WRAS is a voluntary organisation which relies on donations, receiving no funding from government or the RSPCA. Anyone wishing to make a donation should contact the treasurer at PO Box 2148, Seaford, BN25 9DE.

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