Trevor’s Week - July 20, 2011: Can you help with new dear appeal

Many young deer are injured when caught in stock fencing
Many young deer are injured when caught in stock fencing

WE HAVE two more baby deer in care bringing our number to five currently being looked after.

Dave and Delilah have now come into care - Delilah was rescued at Horney Common near Maresfield caught up in stock fencing.

It was a very distressing rescue as her mum was in the field getting very frantic and worried about her baby. When we arrived her leg was out at an angle and she had a nasty wound to her leg where she had been caught. She was taken to Henley House Vets where x-rays luckily showed her leg was not dislocated.

Dave was also rescued after being caught in stock fencing but this time at Duddleswell on Ashdown Forest.

Dave was very battered and bruised, with injuries to his face. We also discovered that the poor unfortunate baby had not been caught once but twice with a number of already healing wounds!

He has two ligature wounds one on a front leg and a fresh wound on a rear leg.

Dottie and Dolly who have been with us for a few weeks now, are spending most of their time outside but at night they come inside to the warmth. Del Boy who is the youngest of all the deer by at least two weeks, had been caught by a dog and is still having his wounds treated. He has been to the vet several times now and is causing us the most concern, as there is a risk he may lose the use of the leg if we don’t keep on top of the infection and healing process.

East Sussex WRAS is the only charity which attends on site and provides comprehensive lifesaving emergency first aid, and treatment at the scene where injured baby deer have been found caught in stock fencing, hit by cars or attacked by dogs.

However, with the increase in the number of baby and adult deer being dealt with, WRAS desperately needs to improve and expand its current facilities. Baby deer are expensive to treat and hand rear, with raw goat’s milk costing over £1.75 a pint. Trips to the vets costing over £50 a time. Convenia antibiotics costing over £110 per 10ml bottle, X-rays costing over £25 each, supplementary food once older costing over £12 per 20kg, as well as the constant cost of bedding, bandages, syringes and other supplies.

There is a distinct lack of facilities to take on baby and adult deer in the South East of England, and WRAS needs to construct new holding sheds and pens, as well as constructing fencing for the rehabilitation paddocks. WRAS has been unable to take deer up to St Tiggywinkles as in previous years, due to St Tiggywinkles cutting back on the number of casualties take in from outside their local area.

All of the baby deer WRAS is currently dealing with are the victims either directly or indirectly of human activity.

Many deer die as a result of being caught in stock fencing and being cut free only to run off and die from their injuries. Invisible ligature wounds start to break down, become infected or the blood flow is compromised and the limb dies. Many of these deer could be saved if WRAS had the facilities to take them in, house them, operate on them, treat them, medicate them, feed them and rehabilitate them back to the wild.

WRAS aims to construct several holding sheds and pens as well as a small shed or building which can be used to operate on and treat injured deer - this all costs money and we need your help to raise as much as possible. Each shed and pen is going to cost approximately £2,500 and the operating building is going to cost over £10,000.

These defenceless animals cannot help themselves so WRAS is launching its Deer Appeal to help prevent their suffering and save their lives.

WRAS and the deer need your help, if you have any fundraising ideas you can join our Deer Appeal Team by visiting or you can donate to WRAS’s Deer Appeal at You can also make a donation by texting DEER88 £(amount) to 70070 from your mobile phone.


East Sussex WRAS is a voluntary organisation which relies on donations, receiving no funding from government or the RSPCA. Anyone wishing to make a donation should contact the treasurer at PO Box 2148, Seaford, BN25 9DE.

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