Trevor’s Week, January 11, 2012: Advice on feeding wildlife

THE DUCK we rescued from Lewes last week has done really well, we have had a lot of people asking us how he is doing.

After just about a week of care and attention he has made a full recovery and we were able to release him back at the Pells Pond, at the beginning of the week.

Several people have asked if it is safe to release the duck back at Lewes?

After all the publicity which has occurred and the awareness of all the local residents I doubt the person who has done this will return and try again.

We have had a great little feral pigeon in this week from Polegate, caught by a cat dragged in through a cat flap where it luckily managed to escape, and started flying round inside the house.

WRAS rescuers Tony and Claire attended and managed to catch the bird.

They delivered him up to the casualty centre where, on checking him over, we found he has a puncture wound to his crop.

Luckily it was quite small and should be easily fixed without too much of a problem.

We have also had a nasty incident in Hastings involving a fox caught up in barbed wire.

The injuries were not good, and he was taken to the local RSPCA wildlife hospital for assessment by their vet. We are waiting to hear the outcome.

Rescuer Murrae attended a swan which crash landed in the grounds of Rise Park Junior School in Langney last week.

The swan had a small abrasion to its beak but nothing serious. It was checked over and found to be okay, so was released down at Princes Park.

Our over-wintering hedgehogs are doing really well. We are sending more and more down to our outside pens for over wintering.

I am so pleased we have not yet had a repeat of the winter snow with so many hedgehogs coming in hypothermic and emaciated.

Some people are still reporting seeing the occasional hedgehog out at night, which isn’t too much of a problem as well as they are up to weight.

Strangely enough when hedgehogs hibernate they are not actually asleep, but awake, but their bodies have really slowed down.

They actually have to come out of hibernation in order to sleep. If they are hungry when they wake up they will go out in search of food.

Our hogs which are now up to weight and outside in sheltered pigsties will some nights eat loads of food and other days they won’t wake up at all and no food will be touched.

Food is becoming harder and harder to find for wildlife so at this time of year we do advise people to help supportively feed our wildlife.

But please do not go over the top as this can cause problems and lead to complaints from neighbours and potentially death or injury to wildlife, so please only feed in moderation.

We have teamed up with Ark Wildlife Foods and you can now buy food for wildlife via a special link on the home page of our website

Or you can ring them and place an order by dialling 0800 085 4865 and if you mention you got their details from East Sussex WRAS then we will get a donation from them.

So you can help support the wildlife visiting your garden as well as the wildlife which comes to our rescue centre.

A couple of early dates for your diary.

On March 3 between 6pm till 11pm we will be running another “Unusual Quiz Night” at Berwick Village Hall, Station Road, Berwick (Nr Arlington Reservoir).

It is a ticket event £10 a person in advance or £12.50 on the door, which includes free entry to the quiz for teams of up to four people, as well as free bread and soup, chilli and rice plus snacks.

All you need is a good sense of taste, smell, hearing and touch! We will apply for a bar licence too.

To obtain tickets just call 01825 873003 and ask for Kate.

On April 14 between 9am and 2pm we will be holding our Easter Egg-stravaganza, at Westham Village Hall, Peelings Lane, Westham, BN24 5HE, where there will be free entry, and various stalls and games too.


East Sussex WRAS is a voluntary organisation which relies on donations.

We do not receive funding from government or the RSPCA. Anyone wishing to make a donation should contact the treasurer at PO Box 2148, Seaford, BN25 9DE

24-hour rescue line: 07815 078234