Trevor’s Week: It’s been a batty week for the WRAS

IT’s been a batty week – excuse the pun – but we’ve had another two bat rescues to deal with.

WRAS rescuer Tony based at Polegate attended to a Brown Long Eared Bat in Eastbourne. The bat was actually from Chalvington and a lady had taken it home with her. The poor creature had a wound on the base of its ear and as a result couldn’t hold its ear upright properly. These fascinating creatures amaze me and it’s incredible how they have adapted their echolocation to suit catching different insects. He was admitted to WRAS’s Casualty Centre at Whitesmith where he was gently warmed up and then given lectade – a special sugar and salt solution – to help rehydrate him, then fed some mealworms which he clearly found extremely yummy!

Later in the day the bat was transported up to Jenny Clark at the Sussex Bat Hospital for her expert care and we were delighted to learn that the injury to the ear would make a full recovery. The second bat we believe was rather unusual bat called a Leisler’s Bat which we don’t see that often.

It was found flying around in a lady’s bedroom in Hampden Park. The call came in about 11pm, an ambulance was dispatched to deal with the trapped creature. When rescuers arrived they soon became dizzy as the bat kept flying round and round the bedroom, clearly in a healthy state. Luckily it only took a short while to catch the bat and as it was healthy it was taken outside and released again and it flew of amazingly strongly.It has also been an owl week too. At one point we had four owls at the centre. Three Tawny Owls and a Barn Owl all but one of them were road casualties. A Tawny Owl rescued from a chimney at Carters Corner near Hailsham was taken back for release last week. He was in care for longer than normal, due to the feather damage from being trapped. Another Tawny Owl is in care at the moment after being found in the middle of the road near Netherfield just outside Battle.

The owl has an injury to his leg which is being treated and we hope he will make a full recovery. WRAS is running another of its infamous Unusual Quiz nights on October 20 at Berwick Village Hall. These are great nights and are not your usual boring quiz questions. Tickets are £10 in advance and include a meal of veggie sausage, mash and gravy plus free entry to the quiz. There is a bar and prizes for the winners too.