Trevor’s Week - February 23, 2011

LAST week was an amazing week for swans crash landing around Eastbourne.

WRAS rescuer Tony found himself driving backwards and forwards to various parts of Eastbourne looking for crashed swans as the WRAS rescue line rang repeatedly with calls for help.

Most swans managed to fly off again, but one which crash landed in the yard of the Build Centre in Eastbourne needed to be rescued. Amazingly it turned out to be the swan we rescued from Brighton Marina the previous week.

The swan was very shocked and hypersensitive as a result of crashing and has needed quite a few days rest.

Murrae was also called down to Leeds Avenue, Eastbourne, after a report of a swan having crash landed and being chased by foxes.

TWINKLE the seal has visited Lewes this week. He is a juvenile common seal who was treated at the RSPCA wildlife hospital in Norfolk back in September.

He came in on June 13 last year weighing just 21kg and was released on August 18 weighing 55kg. Since then Twinkle has amazingly made his way round the coast all the way to Sussex.

He was first spotted down near the Cuckmere Haven at Christmas and now has appeared in the river near Lewes.

British Divers Marine Life Rescue asked if we would check the seal’s condition and Twinkle is certainly nice and rounded and although allowing people to get closer than we would like, certainly snaps if you get too close!

There is video footage of the seal on

TONY has been out to several pigeons this week including a small one in Polegate, one at Cash Converters in Eastbourne, a jackdaw in Hailsham, plus a collapsed fox in Uckfield which needed rushing into the vets after being attacked by a dog.

There have been more oiled guillemots found and we have had reports of oil coming ashore along the beach at Pevensey Bay.

So please keep your eyes open for them and call for help as soon as possible.

The road casualty sparrowhawk mentioned in last week’s column did not survive, all too often head injuries survive for three-four days and then as the swelling goes down the bird suddenly dies.

It is always sad when you lose a casualty especially when you put so much time and effort in.

WE HAVE had a beautiful kestrel come in this week from Waldron, near Heathfield, and suspect it has been shot through the wing. There is a puncture wound going through the wing which fractured the radius but luckily the ulna is intact and acting as a splint to help with the recovery which will take a good three to four weeks.

WE SPENT Saturday morning handing out bottles of Safe 4 Disinfectant cleaner to members of the public on Saturday. The message is getting out and people are cleaning bird tables and feeders better than ever before thanks to publicity and education undertaken by organisations like WRAS.

WRAS supporter Karen Breese started a marathon challenge last weekend taking part in the Brighton Half Marathon.

She is running in seven races over nine weeks to help raise money for WRAS.

The other races will be the Tunbridge Wells half marathon; Eastbourne Half Marathon on March 6; Hastings Half Marathon; Sussex Marathon and Brighton Marathon - finishing with the London Marathon on April 17.

That’s an amazing 130 miles over seven races over nine weeks!

Please help Karen raise as much as money as possible for WRAS for her amazing efforts.

If you want to support Karen visit her just giving donation page at

DON’T forget there are spaces left on our Waterfowl Awareness course on Sunday at our casualty centre at Whitesmith.

It is just £10 to learn more about the common waterfowl found at our park ponds, lake and rivers.

It starts at 2pm and finishes about 5pm, to book please contact Trevor on 01825-873003 please do not ring this number if you have a casualty please ring the rescue line 07815078234.