Trevor’s Week - December 8, 2010

THE WEATHER certainly caused a few problems last week and I have never known it so busy during snow.

I am however, glad we are in our new centre at Whitesmith due to the extra space, but amazingly we have more than 60 hedgehogs now in care and we are full!

Rescue centres up and down the country are experiencing the same problems with large numbers of hedgehogs coming into care.

However, we don’t normally get them coming in found wandering around in the snow!

I ended up sleeping at the casualty centre for three nights to ensure the animals would get fed, watered and medicated, but having more than 60 animals in care it takes some doing going around them all.

A few of our volunteers managed to put in extra shifts to help out, which the casualties and I were extremely grateful.

WE HAD numerous calls from vets and members of the public finding unusual birds being caught by cats or flying into windows, mainly snipe, woodcocks and waterrails.

As we were full we have not been able to take any of them into care, but have given out advice on their care during the snow and forwarded people to other centres which might be able to help.

We also had several hedgehogs found wandering around in the snow.

One hedgehog weighing more than 600 grams was rescued last week from Lower Willingdon after being found wandering around in the daytime covered in ice.

We think he probably chose to nest in a poor location leading to him getting wet and cold and was forced to move.

He is now in care with us and being treated for a chest infection.

Kathy had to deal with four hedgehogs found wandering around in the snow at Uckfield all on the same day.

She was just about able to get to them during the difficult snow and ice and deliver them down to the centre.

Another guy from Uckfield also delivered a small 200 gram hedgehog found curled up under a hedege surrounded by snow, sadly despite our best efforts he did not survive.

Another hedgehog from Polegate also came in during the snow too.

RESCUERS responded to a call from the police late on Tuesday night last week after a badger was hit on the Willingdon road.

The badger was not badly injured and bedded down at the Casualty Centre.

He is doing well and eating as if there is no tomorrow on a diet of dog food, jam sandwiches, peanut butter sandwiches, ginger cake, gingernut biscuits, and golden syrup to build up his energy.

He was x-rayed and assessed by Chris Halls at Henley House vets and given a clean bill of health apart from the concussion.

WRAS also had a Tawny Owl road casualty come into care after being found sat in the middle of the road close to the Halland Forge Motel at Halland.

Members of the public took the bird to Henley House Vets where she was given initial treatment. She is now with us at the centre and slowly improving but we are still worried about her.

MURRAE had an emergency call to a swan bleeding from its head at Sovereign Harbour on Sunday.

The bird may have flown into something or crash landed nearby, but the history is not clear.

Thanks to the RSPCA at Mallydams for helping to take on this swan, which we were unable to get to the Swan Sanctuary due to how busy we were.

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