Trevor’s Week - August 3, 2011: Join us at the WRAS Summer Fair in Polegate

TONY Neads, our rescuer based at Polegate, has had some time off last week due to getting married to Claire.

Everyone at WRAS would like to congratulate Tony and Claire and wish them a wonderful life together.

However, Tony had done a few rescues this week including searching for an injured fox at Lewes, which disappeared five minutes before he turned up.

WRAS volunteers and rescuers have been dealing with the rescue of a bird stuck in a chimney at Newhaven, a crow unable to fly in Brighton, and an injured pigeon at Uckfield.

Volunteer Lillian picked up a very badly injured pigeon whilst out on a cycle ride in Eastbourne. Rescuer Sue Archer rushed it into the vets for emergency treatment and sadly it had to be euthanased.

New WRAS carer Kate Cuddis is kindly taking on two of the baby collared doves, two-week-old Greg and 10-day-old Elliot who came in last week, she also has three-week-old Woody, Potter.

It’s a real help as it leaves Kathy with four-week-old Woody Beatrix, four-week-old feral Frank & five-week-old emaciated Woody Austen who was so emaciated he couldn’t stand, after 10 days he is starting to try to use his legs so we are more hopeful.

We have also had a young thrush and blackbird in which carer Sue has been dealing with too.

I have been extremely busy this week trying to deal with the recruitment of new volunteers but also changing the bandages on some of the injured baby deer in care, training new rescuers and volunteers but also dealing with the rescue of two new baby deer.

Duke, a little male fallow deer, was handed in to Senlac vets in Battle after being found caught around his abdomen in stock fencing. He had very similar wounds to Button when she was rescued in October 2009. He is thought to be about seven-10 days old.

A ligature wound has started developing around his stomach which we will need to keep a close eye on, he is our seventh baby this year.

Dawn, a young female roe deer, was also rescued last week. She was attacked by dogs at about 8.30am one morning.

The dog owners put her under a hedge for her mum to find, but she had not moved and flies were buzzing around her by early evening, so they called a local vet who rang round looking for someone to help.

WRAS responded and attended on site at Henfield and spent over 40 minutes treating her, removing thousands of fly eggs and flushing wounds and giving emergency treatment.

She was then carefully lifted into the ambulance and driven to deer foster parents Chris & Sylvia to work their magic.

She has wounds on her neck, head, inside both rear legs and chest. She has been named Dawn as we didn’t know whether she would make it till then. We have done all we can with the support of our vets, it’s now down to Dawn to pull herself through. Fingers crossed for both Duke and Dawn.

We would like to thank everyone who visited us at the Lammas Festival on the Western Lawns in Eastbourne at the weekend.

We took more than £425 in donations and over £100 in profits in the sale of goods.

We would like to thank the Hunters Moon Morris Dancers who collected £50 at one of their pub sessions and decided to donate the money to WRAS!

Also we would like to thank little Chloe for collecting all her pennies and change and coming along at the Lammas Festival to donate £3.04 to WRAS, thank you very much Chloe.

This coming weekend we will be at the Eastbourne Dog Show at Hampden Park, and on August 13 we have our own WRAS Summer Fair at St John’s Church Hall in Polegate High Street between 9am and 2pm, so please come along as we will have loads of photos and video footage available of our rescued baby deer.