Trevor’s Week - August 10, 2011: Fallow deer’s injuries proved too serious

WE HAD another baby deer to rescue last week. This time the poor little fallow deer was unable to stand or walk, and was knuckling on all four legs.

On site it was clear that the deer had been like this for some time as there were wounds worn down to the bone.

Every time the poor boy tried to move his legs the wounds started to bleed.

We treated him, bandaged his legs and took him to the vets for assessment.

Sadly the vets found the damage to the legs was permanent and the wounds would not recover so they had to put him to sleep.

Also this week we sadly lost poor little Dawn the Roe deer from Henfield which had been attacked by a dog.

She spent several days improving and even spent time outside grazing but sadly she suddenly went downhill and passed away in foster parent Chris’s arms.

Delilah the deer which was caught in fencing from Maresfield is due to have an operation this week.

The ligature wound is recovering but not healing well enough and there is not enough control over the hooves probably caused by damaged ligaments from the ligature wounds. She is going to the vets to have the leg amputated.

Dookie, from Battle, is doing very well and his ligature wounds are recovering very well indeed, much better than we expected.

Del Boy the deer from Chelwood Corner is also recovering well after being attacked by a dog and his wounds have almost healed over too.

Dottie and Dolly from Rotherfield and Hastings, are both doing well too and will shortly be staying outside all night soon.

OUR Hawfinch has been released back where he was rescued at Etchingham and the adult road casualty Tawny Owl found on the A26 north of Uckfield has been released.

ALSO Shakespeare, the pigeon from Eastbourne, as well as a Blackcap, from Battle, and General Veers, the pigeon from Hastings, have all been released too.

You can check out these releases via our You Tube Channel

MONICA has been hand-rearing two little orphan hedgehogs over the past few weeks.

They came in at only 60g and 83g but both have progressed well after a bit of a dodgy start. They are now both over 200g and really doing well.

Brian has returned Ewok the hedgehog to his finder Claire to release and Voldemort the hedgehog was released the following evening by Monica.

Hogs Luna and Maeve Binchy were also released by Yvonne and Freya.

SUE is looking after a sparrow which was involved in a collision, as well as a house martin. They are improving but not out of the woods yet.

Sue has also started to deal with Hirundine , the swallow and a martin family of birds.

They are not the easiest of birds to rear but Sue has been away to undertake some training and is now starting to looking after these species.

Sue has learnt a lot this year and really helped develop WRAS’s ability to deal with yet more species and different types of casualties which would otherwise have to be passed over.

KATHY has now reared more than 25 young pigeons and doves at home, hand rearing some from a very young age, and she is in the process of training Kate who is doing really well too.

I am really proud of all of our volunteers this year and to see what we have managed to achieve and deal with ourselves rather than have to pass them over to other organisations.

So I must thank them all for working so hard this spring and summer.

SOME of you may remember that a few weeks ago we rescued a swan with a large lump on the side of its face.

Initially it was thought to be an abscess, but the Swan Sanctuary’s vet assessed the swelling and tried to operate to remove it and found something completely different - a malignant sarcoma/giant cell sarcoma.

The swan had to be put to sleep as it had spread into the bone too.

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